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Astralis is a Danish esports club founded in 2016 and owned by RFRSH Entertainment until 2019. He gained wide popularity thanks to CSGO teams. It has divisions in League of Legends and FIFA. Included in the TOP-20 richest esports clubs in the world with over $9,700,000 in prize money.

The history of Astralis began in 2016, after the Danish players Team Question Mark dev1ce, dupreeh and Xyp9x created their own club with the support of RFRSH Entertainment, which later became BLAST. Until 2019, the club was managed by RFRSH Entertainment led by Nikolaj Nyholm and Jakob Lund Kristensen.

In 2019, Astralis launched their own brand and entered the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Astralis in CSGO

The main and most successful division in the history of Astralis is the CSGO team. The first iteration of Astralis happened in 2016, and the debut roster of the Danish club included: Xyp9x, dev1ce, dupreeh, cajunb, karrigan and zonic as a coach.

Even before moving to Astralis, the backbone of the players managed to make a name for themselves playing for TSM and Team Question Mark. In the future, the Danes only increased their momentum.

The first major event of the Astralis roster was DreamHack Open Leipzig 2016. At the debut championship, the Danish five took TOP-4, which later grew into third place at the Global eSports Cup - Season 1 and ESL Expo Barcelona.

In April 2016, Astralis performed for the first time under this tag in a major. The debut tournament of this rank for the Danes was MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016, where Astralis lost to NAVI in the semi-finals, finishing in TOP-4.

The next big test for the Danish club was ESL One: Cologne 2016. Another major tournament.

At the German event, Astralis played worse than the debut time. In Cologne, the team took the TOP-8.

Be that as it may, ESL One: Cologne 2016 was not the last tournament of the year for Astralis. The Danes played in a number of large and not very tournaments, with mostly low performance.

Noticeable improvements came towards the end of the year: Astralis won Esports Championship Series Season 2 - Europe and Esports Championship Series Season 2 - Finals. There was also a 2nd place at ELEAGUE Season 2, which later grew into a much more important title.

In January 2017, having changed the captain of karrigan to gla1ve, Astralis are performing at the third Major in their history. It was ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017.

The American tournament gave the Danish five the first championship, but the path to the title was thorny. The team finished the Swiss tournament with a score of 3-2, after which they beat NaVi (2-1), Fnatic (2-0) and (2-1) in the playoffs in the final. The last meeting went down in history as one of the most dynamic and dramatic games, given that the second and third maps ended with a score of 16-14 on the scoreboard.

After the triumph at ELEAGUE Major 2017: Atlanta Astralis played at the Intel Extreme Masters XI - World Championship, where they defeated FaZe in the final. The victory at the tournament was the last for Astralis of the year, however, at PGL Major Krakow 2017, the Danes played their fourth major, losing in the semifinals to the future champions from Gambit Esports.

After disappointment at ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, where Astralis took TOP-12-14, the team replaced Kjaerbye with magisk. As it turned out, the decision was fully justified, because Astralis shone and the era of the Danish five began.

Astralis era

May 2018 can be considered the beginning of the era of the Danish five. Then the team in the updated roster won DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018. After the French tournament, the Danes were unstoppable.

The team won ESL Pro League Season 7 – Finals, Esports Championship Series Season 5 – Finals, ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018. The culmination of the beginning streak, but not its end, was the victory at FACEIT Major: London 2018, where Astralis defeated NAVI in the final with with a score of 2-0, having acquired the second and not the last World Cup.

After the victory in London, the Danish five did not think to slow down. The team won the BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul 2018, Intel Extreme Masters XIII - Chicago, ESL Pro League Season 8 - Europe, Esports Championship Series 6 - Finals, became the owners of the first Intel Grand Slam ($1 million for winning 4 partner events a year). But the triumphs of Astralis did not end there either: at the end of the year, the team took the championship at ESL Pro League Season 8 - Finals and BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018.

Astralis was not going to lose momentum. In 2019, the era of the “Danes” continued.

The team won the first major of the season, Intel Extreme Masters XIII - Katowice Major 2019. After that, there was a championship at BLAST Pro Series: Sao Paulo 2019 and a number of less successful performances, such as, for example, at ESL Pro League Season 9 - Finals, where Astralis took TOP 6. However, minute slips were not important, because in September of the same year the Danish team won its fourth cup.

On September 8, 2019, Astralis won the 4th major, becoming the first team in CSGO history to do something like this. On top of that, Astralis were the only competitive CSGO team to win 3 Majors in a row.

Decline of Astralis

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the club began to experience its worst period since 2016. It all started with health problems with the captain of the club, gla1ve with all the consequences: permutations. The team hardly performed at events, where a few months ago they did not leave a chance for their rivals.

Astralis failed BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Regular Season, DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe, entering the TOP-12 at two tournaments, but not higher.

However, there was no absolute collapse: in a year, the team won ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe, ESL Pro League Season 12: Europe, DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: Europe and Intel Extreme Masters XV - Global Challenge. Not least thanks to gla1ve, who returned to the position of IGL.

The real downturn was ahead of Astralis. In 2021, the team was a pale shadow of itself.

The long-running roster of Astralis played a key role in the sharp deterioration in performance. The key reshuffle that launched a chain of difficult decisions was the transition of dev1ce to NiP.

In 2021, with experiments in the roster, Astralis managed to score at Flashpoint Season 3, where they took 6th place, and at Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Fall: Europe, where the team took TOP-4. Also that year, Astralis reached the top three at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Towards the end of 2021, Astralis said goodbye to dupreeh, Magisk and zonic, and only gla1ve and Xyp9x remained from the gold roster.

In 2022, the situation for Astralis only worsened. The main achievement for the year was the 2nd place at the Pinnacle Cup Championship and TOP-4 at the Intel Extreme Masters XVII - Cologne. At the first major of the season, PGL Major Antwerp 2022, the team took TOP-19, and Astralis did not make it to the second world championship at all, taking TOP-14 in the qualifiers for Intel Extreme Masters Road to Rio 2022: European RMR A, losing to forZe.

In October 2022, dev1ce returned to his native harbor, but this did not affect the performance. The team was understaffed and lost at mediocre events like CCT North Europe Series #2.

Astralis in League of Legends

In addition to the iconic CSGO roster, Astralis owns a League of Legends team. Of course, it is not possible to reach the indicators of colleagues from the Counter-Strike discipline, given the state of affairs on the stage of the competitive League.

The LoL division appeared at Astralis only in 2020. The club then took over Origen, earning them a slot in the LEC franchise league as a result.

As newcomers to the LoL competitive scene, Astralis have shown mediocre results throughout the 2021 and 2022 seasons. The team finished top 9 at LEC Spring 2021, top 8 at LEC Summer 2021, top 10 at LEC 2022 Spring and 9th at LEC Summer 2022.

Astralis roster at LEC Spring 2023

The club will take part in the following seasons of the title League LEC.

Astralis FIFA

The youngest division of Astralis, not counting the academic rosters in CSGO and LoL. Functioning since 2020.

During its operation, 5 players passed through the FIFA squad. Ustun remains the most productive performer.

The player took 2nd place in FIFA 2021 Global Series EU Qualifier 1 PS4, FIFAe Club World Cup 2021 Europe and won FIFA eWorld Cup 2021.

In total, Ustun earned over $60,000 in prize money

Astralis Academies

As a new generation club, Astralis make a special contribution to the development of esports and sports values. The team operates academic teams in different disciplines.

The main achievements remain the victory at Gamebox Invitational 2022, MistGames Heroes of Tomorrow Spring 2022, NPF 2022 and Energive Cup. Participated in tournaments of the WePlay Academy series, the largest events in semi-professional esports. We took third place at WePlay Academy League Season 3, and fourth place at WePlay Academy League Season 5.

18 players and coaches have passed through the Astralis academy. Among the most notable are Swede MODDI, who played for Fnatic and later coached Astralis Talent and Zyphon, plays for Copenhagen Flames and Sprout.

Perform at local events. The main achievement is second place at the NLC 2022 Aurora Open. 12 players and coaches passed through the structure of Astralis Talent LoL.

How much Astralis earned

Having appeared on the competitive scene relatively recently, Astralis quickly climbed into the TOP of esports clubs in terms of earnings. The lion's share of all income falls on the CSGO division.

Over the history of the tag, different Astralis rosters in different disciplines have earned over $9,700,000. The club is in the TOP-20 richest organizations in the history of CSGO. In total, the team was represented in 150 tournaments.