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Natus Vincere is the title Ukrainian esports organization. One of the oldest clubs, “born to win” were founded in 2010 on the basis of the Counter-Strike team. Over the history of its existence, Natus Vincere have become one of the most titled esports organizations in the Dota 2, Counter-Strike and PUBG disciplines. Included in the TOP-5 of the richest esports organizations in the world with an income of $19 million.

The history of NAVI dates back to 2009, when Murat Zhumashevich "Crossbow" Tulemaganbetov proposed the idea of creating a Counter-Strike 1.6 team. Then Sergey “starix” Ishchuk was responsible for gathering the team, around whom the first roster was built.

Initially, the team was called Arbalet.UA, but after some time it got its canonical name - Natus Vincere, which is translated from Latin as "born to win". The name for the club was invented by the player of the first CS roster - Edward "Edward" Sukharev.

In 2011, the management of NAVI passes to Alexander "Zero Gravity" Kokhanovsky, who previously served as the roster manager. Until 2017, he led the development of the club, after which he was replaced by Evgeniy “HarisPilton” Zolotarev as CEO of Natus Vincere.

The debut NAVI Counter-Strike roster included starix, Edward, zeus, ceh9 and markeloff. It was with them that the story of NAVI's ascent to the esports Olympus began.

NAVI in Counter-Strike

From the first matches of NAVI in CS, it became clear that the club has a huge potential. It turned out to be realized in 2010, when the team won a series of prestigious international events.

Natus Vincere became the champions of Intel Extreme Masters Season 4, having outplayed the legendary Fnatic in the final. Further, the team won the main international event of the 10s, the ESWC championship. The streak was secured by NAVI's victory at the World Cyber Games.

Towards the end of 2010, NAVI win at DreamHack Winter 2010, having updated the record for the prize money earned in a year. “Born to Win” managed to take over $215,000 in tournaments.

The hegemony of NAVI on the Counter-Strike 1.6 scene continued until the transition of the roster to the new version of the game - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In CSGO, NAVI experienced great difficulties, having managed to adapt to the new realities of a competitive shooter only by 2015.

In 2015, NAVI, consisting of Zeus, Flamie, seized, GuardiaN, Edward and starix won the ESL Pro League Winter 2014/2015 as a coach, which gave impetus to further growth. In the same year, the Born to Win played at ESL One Katowice 2015, ESL One Cologne 2015 and DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoce 2015. At the first two, the team reached the TOP-8, but at DreamHack they took the TOP-2.

The key moment in the history of NAVI in CSGO can be called 2016, when Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev joined the team. In the future, s1mple will become a key player in the roster and will repeatedly lead the ranking of the strongest players in the world.

However, the transition of s1mple to the NAVI camp did not guarantee a quick rise. The team methodically got into the TOP-1 of the KES charts.

By joining NAVI, s1mple helped the team win a major LAN event, ESL One New York 2016. Then there was another period of calm, which, in fact, lasted until 2019.

In 2019, Natus Vincere won StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7, and a year later, Intel Extreme Masters XIV - World Championship. However, the real sensation was waiting for NaVi in 2021.

With s1mple, electroNic, Perfecto, b1t and BoombI4, Natus Vincere dominated the international CSGO scene. During the year, the team won 6 premium tournaments: BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Cologne, ESL Pro League Season 14, BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021, Blast Premier: World Final 2021 and PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The last one became especially important, as it allowed NAVI to close the gestalt of not winning at the major.

Special mention deserves NaVi's approach to developing young players and cultivating superstars. A great example of this is m0nesy and B1t. The first one was sold to G2 for an impressive amount of $600,000, and the second one, after joining NaVi, became the Major champion in a year of play.

Over a long period of existence, NaVi's CS division has earned $9,259,759. An impressive figure is actually half of all the club's earnings, and Natus Vincere has other disciplines where the club has shown top results in different periods.

NAVI in Dota

Around the same time as the Counter-Strike roster was born, NAVI mastered another discipline that was gaining momentum - DotA.

The first Dota 2 NAVI roster was a stack of Goblak, XBOCT, Mag, Deff and Axypa. A little later, the place of Mag and Deff was taken by Dendi and ArtStyle.

On the competitive scene, Dota NAVI quickly gained momentum and became one of the strongest teams in the European region, and indeed in the world. They confirmed the status with the announcement of The International, Valve 's first major tournament in a full-fledged game, Dota 2.

The International 2011 offered an unprecedented prize pool of $1 million at the time. Not a single championship of those times could boast of such a price pool, and therefore the community and the participants of the event themselves had controversial feelings. They got married on August 11th, on the stage of the Koelnmesse exhibition pavilion in Cologne, where Gamescom was held.

NAVI, having received a direct invitation from the new Dota hosts from Valve, became the first Dota 2 champions in the world. For winning that tournament, the Born to Win earned

After winning The International 2011, NAVI continued to dominate the professional Dota 2 scene. The team won the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 and entered 2012 as a major player and contender for all sorts of titles. In addition, Valve announced the second tournament of The International series, which was supposed to take place in August. Natus Vincere received a direct invitation there.

The tournament itself turned out to be successful for NAVI, despite the fact that they failed to defend the championship title, NAVI took 2nd place, losing in the final to the Chinese IG with a score of 1-3.

The following year, NAVI again got to The International and were again one step away from victory. This time, Alliance prevented them from taking the second Aegis, pulling out a victory in the final with a score of 3-2. The NAVI-Alliance match within the finals of The International 2013 has become one of the most iconic in the history of the discipline.

After The International 2013, “born to win” faced a decline. NAVI participated in three more tournaments of the series, in 2014, 2015 and 2016, but could not rise above the TOP-8.

The “yellow-blacks” managed to return to the main stage of Dota 2 only in 2019, after winning the CIS qualifiers. The International 2019 did not become a lifeline for the once world champions and the “born to win” once again lost, taking the TOP-16.

Over the history of the existence of the Dota 2 division, different NAVI rosters in different periods managed to earn over $5 million.


Another key discipline where NAVI is represented is PUBG. Natus Vincere came to the stage of the main royal battle in 2018.

In the early days of esports in PUBG, NAVI were a solid team, often taking top spots at major events. The Yellow-Blacks won Global Loot League Season 1, PUBG Global Invitational 2018 - CIS, took 4th place at PUBG Global Invitational 2018 - FPP and 3rd at GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic.

In 2019, the team played in the PUBG Global Championship 2019, where they finished in 6th place, earning $110,000.

The PUBG Global Championship Natus Vincere stage was also visited in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, the team took 11th place, but 2022 brought NAVI the world championship.

With alya, Meliman, xmpl and ubah, Natus Vincere became the winners of the PUBG Global Championship 2022, winning $1,008,338.

During the existence of the division, NAVI players earned $1,697,437.

NAVI and other disciplines

Being one of the key players in the market of esports clubs, NAVI rosters are also represented in other disciplines, both mobile and classic.

NAVI have VALORANT rosters , where they got into the affiliate program from Riot and signed one of the strongest European rosters with the former kaer ANGE1, Apex Legends, R6, Brawl Stars, HALO Infinite and others.

Prize money NAVI for all time

Being the leading club in the field of esports, NAVI managed to gain a foothold in the TOP of the richest teams. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Natus Vincere have established themselves in the TOP-5.

For all the time, NAVI earned only $19,914,339 in prize money. Club members represented the NAVI tag at 637 tournaments.

The main stars of NAVI

As one of the main esports clubs of our time, NAVI has had top players under its wing at different times. In addition, NAVI has powerful leadership, which also contributed to the development of NAVI.

The most prominent people of Natus Vincere

All these personalities contributed to the development of NAVI both in terms of an esports unit and a media one.