All news: Team Liquid CS:GO, DOTA 2

Team Liquid is a national multi-gaming esports club. In 2000, one of the human rights organizations was registered in the Netherlands. Having evolved from a clan in StarCraft: Brood War, Liquid takes over the ranking of the largest and most influential esports clubs, won The International 2017 esports tournament in Europe and earned $42 million in prize money alone.

Team Liquid's path to the top of the esports Olympus in 2000. Then enthusiasts gathered in one place, founding an influential clan in StarCraft: Brood War.

With the known disciplines and the transition to the esports community in StarCraft II, Team Liquid also migrated to the second part of the strategy from Blizzard. Gradually, the clan began to expand, and the peak of implementation was the opening of a Dota 2 division in 2012.

Despite the fact that in Europe, the Netherlands, this did not interfere, Liquid almost immediately became a PCM club. Americans and Canadians played in the first Dota 2 roster: TC, FLUFFNSTUFF, ixmike88, BuLba and Korok.

It was 2012 that became the starting point for Liquid to the top of esports .

The main achievements of Team Liquid in Dota 2

It took Team Liquid a lot of time to become one of the most titled teams in the world, although the team showed the makings almost immediately. The first significant performance of the newly formed organization was The International 2013.

Having ranked 5- in the group place, Liquid went to the search bracket, where, contrary to expectations, they find the search before the private round. On their way, the "liquids" bypassed MUFC and the grandiose racing DotA, LGD Gaming. The victory over the cases caused an extravaganza caused by an infectious disease: Seattle rejoiced, because the liquid remained a pathological club from North America, where the main event of the season took place.

The following years, the "liquid" register the passage of the world's TOP shares, but it was not possible to do this exactly until 2016. In the event that the club's management made the right choice in favor of players from Europe, refusing the status of the "American team".

Having signed for the permanent compound five of MATUMBAMAN, Fata, MinD_Control, Jerax and KuroKy, Liquid took second place at The Shanghai Major 2016 in 2016, and then got to the TOP-8 of The International 2016.

The cycle had the result the following year, after a series of changes at the end. Fata and Jerax left the team, and Miracle and GH took their place.

The move to the roster of Jordanian genius helped Liquid quickly gain momentum: in just one year, the team won StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 2, EPICENTER 2017 and DreamLeague Season 7.

The greatest achievement of Liquid in the history of the club was the victory at The International 2017. After finding a net in the detection, the “liquid” on the head went to the grand final, where for the first time in the history of The International tournaments they made a clear victory, beating Newbee with a score of 3-0.

Liquid were close to repeating the landmark result in 2019. Then in the grand final of The International 2019 they met with OG.

KuroKy and company weren't about to raise the Champion's Aegis a second time when he had the opportunity to do so with his OG counterpart.

In the new history of Liquid in Dota 2, already without KuroKy and stellar growth, Liquid were close to the results of 17 and 19 years. Under the patronage of MATUMBAMAN, the team reached the TOP-3 of The International 2022, losing the match for reaching the grand final to another grand - Team Secret.

Although Dota 2 has become the main discipline for Liquid, the team has been successful in other disciplines as well. One of these is Counter Strike : Global Offensive, where Liquid repeats the “era” for a short period.

Team Liquid in CSGO

Team Liquid stepped into the CSGO space in 2015, with the signing of a promising roster by the Chill guys, which included: AdreN, daps, FugLy, NAF and nitr0. The composition did not show any special results, however, already in 2016.

Thanks to the up-and-coming and the main stars of CSGO in the future of Simple, the team chose the path to the finals of ESL One: Cologne 2016, where they lost to SK Gaming in the decisive match.

Liquid partially repeated the resounding success in 2018, when the team took TOP-2 at Esports Championship Series Season 5 - Finals and ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018. Then came the calm before the storm, which began in the spring of 2019.

Between May and July 2019, Liquid dominated the CSGO meeting. With nitr0, EliGE, Twistzz, NAF and Stewie2K, Liquid played 6 major tournaments, and the 2nd season was the Intel Grand Slam.

Liquid became the champions of Intel Extreme Masters XIV - Sydney, DreamHakc Masters Dals 2019, ESL Pro League Season 9 - Finals, ESL One: Cologne 2019, BLAST Pro Series: Los Angeles 2019 and Intel Extreme Masters XIV - Chicago. In addition to the third, the roster took $1,000,000 as the main prize of the Intel Grand Slam Season 2.

However, at major level tournaments, second place in 2016 is dangerous.

Team Liquid in other esports disciplines

In esports, Team Liquid is represented not only in DotA and CSGO. The organization has divisions in other, classic and not so disciplines: VALORANT , League of Legends , Clash Royale, Fortnite, PUBG , R6, Super Smash Bros and others.

In some, like League of Legends, Liquid trade at the forefront of the top regions. Liquid in LoL is a member of the LCS franchise league, one of the four "big" ones. In addition, in the Gorge, “liquid” Summoners became silver medalists at the MID-Season Invitational, an analogue of the Majors in DotA.

Good performance of the German European division of Liquid in VALORANT. "Liquid" made it to the TOP-4 at VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavik and VALORANT Champions 2021. and pop culture

Particularly large and significant for the esports industry, Liquid owes to the portal. In the early days of competitive gaming, worked as a niche industry analogue of Wikipedia, and over time it has worked in symbiosis with the largest knowledge base in esports, Liquidedia.

As a self-respecting club, Team Liquid focuses on service outside of virtual worlds. So, "liquid" with a constant frequency collaborating with world brands according to the parameters of Naruto or Honda.

All-time Team Liquid cashes

Being in the esports industry virtually since its inception, Team Liquid have managed to gain a foothold in the richest esports organization in the world. According to the portal Esportsearnings, "liquid" contains the letter of the alphabet of the ranking of the rich.

Since 2000, Team Liquid have earned 42,413,026.76 from prize money alone. Representatives of the club in different disciplines reached prizes in 2351 tournaments. The main share of the prize money won falls on Dota 2, and CSGO is in second place.

The largest single prize remains the fee for winning The International 2017. The Liquids earned $10,862,683 for the 2017 main event.