Valve added new stickers

You can purchase new stickers, as well as Viewer Pass in the game or in the Steam market when Valve downloads the update.

Valve added new stickers. Photo 1

Valve added new stickers. Photo 2

Valve added new stickers. Photo 3

In addition to stickers, Pick'em Challenge forecasts, as well as team graffiti and emoji squads for will be available with purchase. Players who buy Viewer Pass will be able to complete special quests, in return for which they will be able to receive special chests.

This year, CS:GO developers added two options for the Viewer Pass. The first one is available for $ 12.99 and includes a complete set of all of the above. The second version of the Viewer Pass costs $ 19.99 and, in addition to the whole set, gives its owner three tokens that can be exchanged for souvenir sets.

The second Major tournament of 2019 will be held from August 23 to September 8 in the capital of Germany, Berlin. It will be attended by 24 teams that will play a total prize pool of $ 1,000,000. The eight best teams will share the lion's share of the prize with each other and will receive invitations to the Legends Stage of the first major of 2020.