Heroic play at IEM Chicago 2019 instead of forZe

Due to the reason that forZe had difficulties with a visa to the USA, the team is going to miss the championship with $250,000. Their slot will be taken by Heroic who shouldn’t have the same problems.

Heroic were chosen as a substitute as at GG.Bet Chicago Invitational which was passed by forZe, the European roster took the second place. There they won over GamerLegion, AVANGAR and Windigo Gaming, but they couldn’t make anything with their Russian opponents losing the battle with forZe by the score of 1-2.

Intel Extreme Masters Chicago 2019 will be taking place from 18 to 21 July. Representative of the European and the North American divisions will be fighting for $250,000 with each other. Apart from the matches, audience can see a show match the rosters of Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield and Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin are going to take part in.

Now the list of the participants in IEM Chicago 2019 looks as the following: