Gen.G Esports will play at FLASHPOINT Season 2 with Xizt and kreaz

Gen.G Esports announced that there will be two Swedes on their roster: Richard 'Xizt' Landström and Rasmus 'kreaz' Johansson. While the situation with kreaz is quite simple, since he is in the status of a free agent, in the case of Xizt, the managers had to negotiate with Dignitas about taking the player on loan.

In September, after daps left the roster, it became known about the changes made. According to the American esportsman, the canceled Major CS: GO tournament was the only factor that kept him in this discipline. Damien 'daps' Steele moved to VALORANT, a new discipline from Riot Games.

FLASHPOINT Season 2 starts on the 10th and ends on December 6th. In the second season, 12 teams will take part, which will share a total prize pool of $ 1,000,000 between each other.

Gen.G Esports roster for the upcoming competition: