Evil Geniuses got their first victory at ESL Pro League Season 16

The second match of today's ESL Pro League Season 16 in Group D has come to an end. Just like in the case of the first match, there was no full-fledged Bo3 meeting here. The match ended after 2 maps, and even in terms of the number of rounds played, the fight was similar.

The first map where the teams played was Overpass. There, Evil Geniuses on the attacking side won in 9 rounds and after the transition they had a good advantage. On the defensive side, EG played even better and lost in the second half by only 3 rounds, after which they won at their peak. The best player of this map was Sanjar 'neaLaN' Iskhakov from Kazakhstan, who finished the fight against MAJ3R and his teammates with 25-14 statistics and 1.52 rating.

The second map was Dust 2. Despite the fact that it was the choice of the Eternal Fire team, the Turkish esportsmen could not show something worthwhile and impose a fight on their opponents. In the first half they started on the attacking side and took only 3 rounds. After the transition, Evil Geniuses lost only 1 round and put an end to this match, at the same time taking their first victory at ESL Pro League Season 16. The title of the most valuable player on Dust 2 was earned by Timothy 'autimatic' Ta, who ended this fight with a score of 21-11 and a rating of 1.60.

Vincent 'Brehze' Cayonte showed the best result on the two maps overall, finishing the game with a 44-29 record and a 1.41 rating. The American with his teammates almost left Eternal Fire without the opportunity to reach the playoffs. Now they currently have 0 wins and 3 losses, which is comparable to the result of Eternal Fire. In order for one of these teams to reach the playoffs, a number of coincidences of some factors are needed so that one of these teams can continue its path in this championship.

In the last match of today's EPL #16 gaming day, Team Liquid and FURIA Esports are already playing. In our opinion, Liquid will close this meeting with a score of 2-0. Whether we are right or not, we will find out very soon.

ESL Pro League Season 16 runs from August 31st to October 2nd on the island of Malta, and the venue for the matches is the Salini Resort. 24 teams from Europe, CIS, North America and South America share a total prize pool of $835,000. The winner of the tournament will receive the main prize of $175,000, as well as invites to BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 and IEM Katowice 2023.

Intermediate results of ESL Pro League Season 16