ESL Pro League Season 16: Cloud9 didn't lose a single map against Movistar Riders

The debut match of today's gaming day ESL Pro League Season 16 has come to an end. The teams had a quick inferior match without a third map. The fans of Movistar Riders were upset, as Movistar showed almost no resistance and could not impose a fight on their opponents on any map.

The first battlefield was Inferno. It was the choice of the Spaniards, however, such a pick did not prevent C9 from taking 11 rounds for the attack in the first half. After the transition, they lost only 3 rounds and won with a score of 16-7. The best result there was suddenly shown by interz, who ended the meeting with a score of 27-10 and a rating of 1.87.

The second and last card in this battle was Vertigo. Since it was the choice of Cloud9 , then the victory came into their hands even faster. The team cheerfully started on the attack side and took 14 rounds, leaving their opponents practically no chance of winning. After the transition, the Spaniards still managed to squeeze 2 rounds from their opponents, however, in the end, Cloud9 closed the fight on Vertigo with a score of 16-4, and Ax1le made the biggest contribution to this victory there, finishing the fight with a score of 21-8 and a rating of 1.71. However, interz, summing up both maps, became the MVP of this match, and his overall score was 41-15 and a rating of 1.67.

Movistar Riders used their right to make a mistake, and Cloud9 came as close as possible to finishing their way in the group stage in first place. If they succeed, the team will miss the first round of the playoffs and start the procession to victory in the tournament from the quarterfinals. Movistar Riders, in turn, still have a chance to qualify, but for this, several factors must coincide at once so that the Spaniards can score enough points to reach the playoffs. And this, to put it mildly, is unlikely.

ESL Pro League Season 16 runs from August 31st to October 2nd on the island of Malta, and the venue for the matches is the Salini Resort. 24 teams from Europe, CIS, North America and South America share a total prize pool of $835,000. The winner of the tournament will receive the main prize of $175,000, as well as invites to BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 and IEM Katowice 2023.

Intermediate results of ESL Pro League Season 16