s1mple and sdy will play for Team Edward at Kinguin Legends 2022

The Ukrainian esports organization NAVI and the organizers of Kinguin Legends 2022 have announced that the duo s1mple and sdy will play for the Edward team in the grand final of the championship. Ukrainian esportsmen will replace j3kie and DemQQ in the roster, who will simultaneously play in their main teams in other tournaments.

Today will be the final match of Kinguin Legends 2022, a championship in which the team captains are legendary CS:GO players. There is a prize pool of around $50,000 at stake. For personal reasons, several players from Ioann "Edward" Sukharev's roster will not be able to participate in today's match. They will be replaced by NAVI players Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev and Viktor "sdy" Orudzhev.

After the end of the final match, s1mple will also play in a 1 vs 1 show match against the legendary Swedish player Maikelele, who retired from professional career in July 2020.

Recall that the Maikelele roster became the winner of the group stage of the tournament, thanks to which it directly made it to the grand final. In turn, the Edward team only managed to beat the kennyS and NEO teams in the playoffs.

Kinguin Legends 2022 runs from September 13th to 18th online. Six teams that were put together at the suggestion of pashaBiceps, NEO, Edward, HeatoN, kennyS and Maikelele are fighting for a prize pool of €50,000.

Interim results of Kinguin Legends 2022