Nigma Galaxy Female will play in the qualifiers for CCT Central Europe Series Season 2

Representatives of the Nigma Galaxy esports club reported on social networks that their female CS:GO roster will become the only female participant in the closed qualifying round for CCT Central Europe Series Season 2.

Teams such as Anonymo Esports, Dynamo Eclot, Entropiq Prague, eSuba, OG Academy, TITANS, Ungentium, Young Ninjas, HONORIS, Infinite Gaming, 9INE and others will also take part in the qualification.

Nigma Galaxy Female made it into Group B and will play in the first round against SC e-Sports, Young Ninjas and Infinite Gaming.

Nigma Galaxy Female were completed on March 17 with the arrival of Katarina 'Kat' Vashkova. Ana 'ANa' Dumbrava, Alexandra 'twenty3' Timonina, Ksenia 'vilga' Klyuenkova and Victoria 'tory' Kazieva are now on the roster, in addition to Kat. Ricardo 'JTR' Junior is in training.

CCT Central Europe Series 2, where Nigma Galaxy Female will try to pass, will be held from September 17 to October 1. As part of the tournament, a total prize pool of $50,000 will be drawn, and the main prize will be $22,000. The prize money will be distributed among 24 participants of the championship.