Maps of the first matches of BPS Los Angeles 2019 known

Mirage and Inferno became the most popular maps. The third popular map is Nuke, after it — Inferno and Dust 2. Vertigo and Train were chosen only once for each.

1 round

MIBR vs Renegades — Mirage
FaZe Clan vs NRG Esports — Nuke
Team Liquid vs Cloud9 — Inferno

2 round

FaZe Clan vs Renegades — Train
Team Liquid vs NRG Esports — Overpass
MIBR vs Cloud9 — Mirage

3 round

Renegades vs NRG Esports — Dust 2
FaZe Clan vs Cloud9 — Mirage
MIBR vs Team Liquid — Mirage

4 round

Cloud9 vs Renegades — Inferno
FaZe Clan vs Team Liquid — Nuke
MIBR vs NRG Esports — Inferno

5 round

MIBR vs FaZe Clan — Inferno
Team Liquid vs Renegades — Vertigo
Cloud9 vs NRG Esports — Nuke

Interesting fact: Team Liquid will play all matches on five different maps

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 will be taking place from 13 till 14 July. The total prize pool will consist of $250,000. At BLAST Pro Standoff $20,000 will be played for, while the other $230,000 will be fought for at the main stage. The winner will get $125,000 and 10 points, which, by the way, will help the winner to get to BPS World Finals 2019.