Asia Minor Championship: TYLOO and Grayhound Gaming are in playoffs

Grayhound in Group A defeated Energy Esports with a score of 16-7, and in the second confrontation they defeated Avant Gaming. It is worth noting that in the match against Avant Australians from Grayhound showed an incredible performance. At the peak of their rival, they did not lose a single round to him, completing Nuke with a score of 16-0.

With TYLOO, the road to the final stage was more difficult. In the first match, they defeated FFAmix, and, playing against Alpha Red, the victory came with a score of 2-1.

The Asia Minor Championship - Berlin 2019 runs from July 24 to July 28. The total prize pool of the tournament is $50,000 and two invites at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. The team that takes 3rd place will go to the 3rd Place Play-In, where two more invites will be played in the Major tournament.