Intervening results of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Teams that showed great results


North performed well at this stage. The team beat all their opponents losing only one map against CR4ZY, and moved to Legends Stage with the score 3-0. Probably, it was expected taking into account the level of the opponents assigned to the Danish, but, nevertheless, North showed great results. We, as well as the majority of spectators, are looking forward to next battles with Kjaerbye and his teammates at the second stage of the Major tournament.


mousesports, as well as North, made it to The New Legends Stage by the score of 3-0. Unlike the Danish, the opponents of the European team posed more risk than opponents of North. mousesports beat forZe, AVANGAR, and G2 Esports on their way. The first two rosters are rather respected in the CIS community while G2 Esports are one of the strongest teams in France. chrisJ together with his teammates as well as North lost only one map during Challengers Stage, which was in the third match against G2. In total, we count on interesting performance from mouze at the next stage. The team can surprise us and show a great performance, but their chance to pass to Top 8 is not so big.


With a big difficulty, AVANGAR joined those who didn’t fall behind and managed to get to The New Legends Stage. They played well with Complexity, but lost the battle with mousesports after that. Later the team beat HellRaisers and lost against NRG Esports. The last battle with Syman was very uneasy, but in the end Jame together with his teammates are preparing for performance at the next stage while Syman are packing their suitcases. Should we expect something spectacular from AVANGAR at the upcoming battles? Taking into account the way the Kazakh had tried to surprise us at the previous major, we should not ignore this likelihood, but, nevertheless, we are not likely to see anything really worthy. AVANGAR are likely to move to Legends Stage by the score of 1-3 and take the 12-14 place at the tournament bracket of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. If it happens, the team will get an invitation to Challengers Stage of the next Major tournament which can be considered as a good result as well.


DreamEaters became one of the teams that surprised with their result. DreamEaters showed that their morale can do more than only well-prepared strategies and good gaming shape of players. The coach of the team took a special role in the performance being remember for his manner of cheering players up and communicating with them. He gives them high-fives even if they are not prepared for this.

Spectators also do not keep out and inspire their favourites with winning clarion calls.

What should we expect from this roster at the next stage? We think that the best DreamEaters are capable of is getting a win and leave having 1-3.


The opponents of CR4ZY at Challengers Stage were not rather strong and the Europeans managed to defeat Grayhound, FURIA, and DreamEaters. The only roster they were not able to beat was North. However, at the battle with Kjaerbye and his teammates, the team offered a battle taking one map from the Danish. At the next stage CR4ZY are to embark on a difficult course. For example, at the first match they have Team Liquid as their opponents. The spectators expect TL to destroy their opponents. If CR4ZY are lucky to have better second opponents, the best thing that this roster will be able to get is to win two matches and end up their way on the 12-14 place.

Teams that performed as it had been expected

G2 Esports

Making it to Legends Stage was a realistic objective for G2, which was proved by them, indeed. The French beat TYLOO, DreamEaters, and forZe, having only one loss from mousesports. At the match against mouze, the French were also fighting and took one map from the Europeans. As for the decisive battle against forZe, there the first map appeared to be the longest. The teams managed to define the winner only after 53 rounds, while Dust 2 ended up by the score of 28-25. G2 not only made it to Legends Stage, but along with that they presented one of the most interesting matches of the initial stage. They have a good chance to make it to The New Champions Stage, especially if we take into account gaming shape of some of the rosters. To make what they want come true, they need to prepare well for their opponents, not to hang down their heads and to show a great performance. The captain of the French team is one of the most experienced esportsman on the position, shox, while kennyS will face with the opponents holding a sniper rifle who is to stand out with his performance. All this can help G2 to pass to the final stage, however the 9-11 place in the tournament bracket looks more realistic than Top 8 for them.

NRG Esports

After the replacement in NRG, the American team play out in fresh colours. It concerns both style of the game and improvement of their performance and results of the team. daps’ leaving and his replacements by stanislaw improved NRG Esports. As a result, the American roster made it to The New Legends Stage by the score of 3-1, defeating TYLOO, Syman, and AVANGAR. We should mark that the first match ended up successfully for the Americans as DreamEaters offered a battle and won it. Of course, NRG can make it to Champions Stage, but long absence of game experience at official matches against top teams can have its effect and in the end the Americans risk of not getting to Top 8.


INTZ performed as it had been expected. Many people bet at their Pick’Em Challenge, that the roster would perform by the score of 0-3 and the Brazilians realized the expectations delightfully. The team approached the competition as one of the main outsiders and had to play with North, Vitality and Grayhound Gaming. All the meetings were lost, satisfied spectators who made their bets on INTZ at Pick’Em 0-3 got their prizes and the Brazilian team keep on watching the tournament as viewers. Could the situation be even more evident and predictable?


TYLOO’s situation got created in the same way as in the case with INTZ. The Chinese team made replacements again and again and the relatively recent leaving of xccurate also could not influence the team in a good way. In the end, TYLOO lost battle with G2 Esports, NRG Esports and Complexity Gaming. The Chinese ended up participating by the score of 0-3 as it had been expected. Nice try, TYLOO, maybe next time they will have more luck.

HellRaisers, Syman, Grayhound

All these team did not manage to make it to the next stage of the tournament and their participation in StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 ended up. It cannot be called an unexpected turn of events as that is what we and the other spectators expected. In comparison with HR and Grayhound, Syman were able to surprise with their performance. The CIS team beat Team Vitality and FURIA Esports. Vitality approached the tournament as one of the potential winner, while FURIA had all chances to make it to Legends Stage.

Participants that performed worse than they expected

Complexity Gaming

After oBo joined Complexity and had a successful debut at the match against MIBR, where COL got an unexpected victory, many people counted on the new era in the team. It concerned not only other tournament but StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. The fact that Complexity were not able to make it to Legends Stage was not only pleasant but also surprising. The Americans didn’t have a good chance to pass to the next stage, however, AVANGAR, HellRaisers, and Grayhound Gaming made another decision. COL managed to win only over TYLOO. HR and Grayhound who were able to be defeated, didn’t not show their weakness and beat Complexity. So, the first Major tournament for the 16-year-old player of Complexity was rather unsuccessful, by the way, also for the other team.

FURIA Esports

Between the first and the second majors, FURIA made sensational moments. The viewers expected that the Brazilians would keep on surprising the audience with something interesting and would try to make it to Legends Stage whatever it takes. We cannot say that the teams who had battles with FURIA are strong, but, despite the fact, the Brazilians were not able to show their best results. They won over HellRaisers, but did not beat CR4ZY, forZe, and Syman. After FURIA defeated Astralis on the best map of the Danish team, Nuke, losses against forZe and Syman look rather disappointing. FURIA lost their grasp and the level of their game weakened. Maybe, we will see arT and his teammates in their best condition at the other tournaments, but in this case they did everything they could, but it was not enough to make it to Legends Stage.


forZe were close to make it to the second stage of the championship, closer than any other contestant. At the difficult battle with DreamEaters, they lost 0-2, being not able to win any map. At the previous battles they beat Grayhound Gaming and FURIA Esports and lost battles with mousesports and G2 Esports. forZe were moving together with DreamEaters and had a good chance to pass to Top 16 of the tournament, but at the last match DreamEaters turned out to be the best. Good preparation for the tournament played a low-down trick with forZe. Now the representatives will not be able to get even a consolation prize of $8,750 or an invitation to Challengers Stage of the next major and the team will have to start their way over.

Team Vitality

The only representative of the category “performed worse than expected”, but, who still were able to make it to The New Legends Stage is Team Vitality. The reason of this judgement lays in the fact that the team that holds the second place in the list of the best CS:GO team in the world, should not pass to the next stage by the score of 3-2, losing against DreamEaters and Syman. As a reminder, the latter did not pass the first stage of the major. The battle between Vitality and Grayhound Gaming deserves special attention as there the last participant in Legends Stage was defined. The French were not able to win the map chosen by themselves but they managed to defeat their Australian opponents on their pick. On the last map, Vitality won 16-10. We expect from ZywOo and his teammates good preparation for the next stage and also good and high-quality CS:GO presented by the French. Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut is a great individual and discovery of the year and we would not like the 18-year-old’s potential to be hidden under the layer of Vitality’s failures. At Challengers Stage the team performed not so well, but made it to the next stage. At Legends Stage, Vitality will be able to play better and we do not doubt about it.