Minor tournaments start tomorrow

In the minors, prize pools of $50,000 and two invites for the Major Championship will be raffled off. The teams that take third places will not stand aside and get another chance to enter the main tournament of the year in CS:GO. For them, the 3rd Place Play-In will be held, where another four invites will be played among the four participants.

In the group stage, teams will be divided into two groups, in which they will compete in the GSL system. The first matches will be held in Bo1 format, while the rest will be in a series of up to two victories. From each group in the playoffs will leave two members who will play in the double-elimination grid.

From the European division for two invitations to StarLadder Major 2019 the following teams will compete:

From North America, the following line-ups will enter the battle for two invites in major: