Aurora, K23 and 1WIN risk missing RMR tournament

According to the portal Dust2, the Aurora , K23 and 1WIN teams are at risk of missing IEM Road to Rio 2022 for Europe. Currently, the teams are experiencing problems with obtaining visas, which is why they risk being left without participation in the RMR tournament, and, consequently, losing their chances to get to the Brazilian Major.

The participation of several teams and players is in jeopardy after the European Union tightened the rules for the entry of Russian citizens into the Schengen countries earlier this month. Due to these changes, the Aurora, K23 and 1WIN teams have a certain chance of being left without IEM Road to Rio 2022 for Europe.

The Aurora analyst and manager said the situation remains difficult as, considering him and the coach, only four out of seven people who plan to fly to Malta currently have visas: "It's like sitting on a barrel of dynamite and smoking."

In turn, the K23 team, without any details, confirmed the presence of visa problems. Representatives of 1WIN said that now only lollipop21k and flamie have the right to visit the Schengen countries. The rest of the team may miss the upcoming RMR tournament. The situation is much more complicated for glowiing, which runs the risk of not leaving the country after the announced mobilization.

There are also fears that other teams may face problems, including NAVI, forZe, Team Spirit, Outsiders and Outsiders

Both European RMR tournaments will be played in Malta from October 4th to 9th. While 1WIN and Aurora are included in the first IEM Road to Rio 2022, K23 will play in the second RMR event.