Natus Vincere, BBL Esports and Team Heretics will be among the partners in Europe

According to the BLIX.GG portal, esports organizations Natus Vincere , BBL Esports and Team Heretics will be among the partners to participate in the European League next season. It is expected that the official announcement from Riot Games will take place this week, and then the fans will know the names of all the teams included in the affiliate program.

The fifth known team to join the league in the EMEA region will be Natus Vincere, a Ukrainian esports organization mainly known for its presence in CS:GO . This time the club will join the affiliate program and for the first time take part in the franchise program from Riot Games, representing Eastern Europe.

The next organization will be Team Heretics, a fast growing team based in Spain. The organization has long been known in the VALORANT esports scene, especially in the early years when they won First Strike Europe in 2020.

Another representative of the European League will be the Turkish club BBL Esports. The organization is best known in its country for VALORANT and also joined the scene back in July 2020.

The current list of organizations in the partner league, according to various journalists: Karmine Corp, KOI, fnatic, Team Liquid, Team Vitality, Natus Vincere, BBL Esports and Team Heretics.

As for FunPlus Phoenix, the leader of its region, there is some interesting information from the insider Dr_ALPH4, who, however, was rarely wrong. According to the journalist, the Chinese club will be left without a place in the partner league for the next season, despite all the success of the squad.

The venue for the European League will be Berlin, ten selected partners from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.