Blizzard artificially boost Overwatch League views

Dexerto journalists said that they found evidence that Blizzard repeatedly resorted to using streamers in order to enhance the views of the Overwatch League. Since the creation of OWL, the number of views has continued to fall to this day.

Several streamers confirmed the information that conducted raids. The representative of Team Liquid, Ryan 'Chap' Chaplo told that he provided such services for Blizzard for money. He did not specify the amount.

One of the users asked the Twitter representative of the Rajj channel about why when he woke up, he found the Overwatch League broadcast in his Twitch tab. Rajj replied that it was a raid, confirming the conjecture that Blizzard attracted streamers to increase views. The situation with Rajj is of particular interest because this channel is not related to e-sports at all.

Raid is the ability to transfer viewers from one broadcast to another. Thus, Blizzard buy raids from streamers in order to artificially increase the number of views of the Overwatch League.

The latest Overwatch League Season 2 broadcasts averaged ~100,000 viewers. Last year, this figure exceeded the threshold of 130,000.