Pixel Perfection: Overwatch 2's Cassidy Unleashes Deadeye in Stunning Fan-Crafted Artwork, While Blizzard Teases Hero Rework!

A skilled Overwatch 2 enthusiast recently showcased an exquisite pixel art rendition of Cassidy, the game's pistol-wielding cowboy, in the midst of executing his Deadeye Ultimate. This creative masterpiece garnered acclaim from fellow fans, eliciting not only admiration but also sparking witty remarks.

Overwatch 2 is renowned for its diverse roster of playable characters, each endowed with unique skills and abilities. Cassidy, the law-enforcing bounty hunter, stands out among Blizzard Entertainment's iconic hero shooter personalities. His ultimate move, Deadeye, allows him to swiftly eliminate adversaries, gaining recognition not only for its ability to inflict substantial damage quickly but also for the accompanying catchphrase, "It's High Noon," which has become synonymous with the skill.

A dedicated fan took it upon themselves to immortalize Overwatch 2Cassidy's potent Deadeye move through a visually appealing pixel art creation. Shared on the r/Overwatch subreddit by user cheese_beef, the artwork depicts Cassidy poised to draw his Peacekeeper revolver, with a gleam in one of his Overwatch agent eyes. The caption, "It's past your bedtime..." appears to be a clever twist on Cassidy's iconic "It's High Noon" phrase. While many community members lauded the pixel artwork as impressive, others found inspiration in it to craft humorous comments, such as "It's half past six" and "Top 10 moments before disaster."


The iconic status of Deadeye, further fueled by the impeccable delivery of the "It's High Noon" line by Overwatch 2Cassidy's voice actor, Matthew Mercer, has contributed to its transformation into a meme. Mercer, a renowned American voice actor and popular content creator known for his role in the Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role, often incorporated the catchphrase into his Overwatch gameplay and content creation, extending Cassidy's popularity beyond the game.

However, Cassidy's character may undergo significant changes, as Blizzard Entertainment is contemplating a rework. During a recent stream, Overwatch 2 game producer Kenny Hudson and lead hero designer Alec Dawson expressed dissatisfaction with the cowboy's abilities, hinting at potential adjustments. Although specific details about the changes remain undisclosed, a comprehensive rework for Cassidy could be on the horizon next year.

In the meantime, enthusiasts of Cassidy can still enjoy the current iteration of their favorite cowboy hero. Those looking to enhance their Cassidy's appearance with new cosmetics will be pleased to learn that the Winter Fair Event Pass, introduced with the Winter Wonderland 2023 holiday event, features a new Formalwear Legendary skin for the Overwatch 2 agent.