Overwatch 2's New Workshop Mode Introduces a Terrifying Killer Cow

In a new custom game mode for Overwatch 2, players find themselves being chased by a menacing killer cow. This mode, created using the game's popular Workshop tool, offers a fresh and thrilling experience for those seeking a break from the usual ranked or casual matches.

The Workshop tool, introduced in the original Overwatch back in April 2019, has been carried over to Overwatch 2. It has allowed players to unleash their creativity, resulting in a plethora of entertaining custom game modes. One such mode is called Cow FFA. In this mode, a player is trapped in a large, empty room with a Wrecking Ball modded to look like a massive wireframe cow. The overpowered cow relentlessly chases the player around the room. Reddit user wadefatman shared footage on r/Overwatch, showcasing their repeated attempts to survive against the cow, highlighting its difficulty. For those eager to try it, the mode can be accessed in the Workshop with the code N666MZ.


Overwatch's Workshop: A Hub of Chaotic Fun

For those who haven't yet explored Overwatch 2's Workshop, there's a lot of fun to be had. The Workshop offers a vast range of possibilities, from assigning different animations to completely altering the abilities of Overwatch heroes. This feature has long been a part of Blizzard games, dating back to the original Warcraft and StarCraft days, which saw the birth of unique experiences and even led to the rise of the MOBA genre with DOTA.

While modes like Cow FFA provide zany fun, the Workshop has also been a source of challenges. In the original Overwatch, cheaters occasionally brought custom Workshop scripts into ranked play, causing unfair advantages. Thankfully, this issue appears to be under control in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Updates and Changes

The Overwatch 2 environment remains vibrant and engaging. Blizzard recently released an update that includes balance changes, nerfing heroes like Roadhog and Cassidy, while making improvements to others. The metagame is continually evolving, especially with the upcoming introduction of the new Space Ranger character in Season 12.

Whether you're looking for a new challenge or simply want to experience the creative potential of the Overwatch 2 community, the Workshop offers a myriad of exciting opportunities.