Overwatch 2 Bug Turns Lucio's "Dance Party" Emote into Hilarious A-Pose

A bug discovered by Overwatch 2 players following the release of the game's latest season causes Lucio's "Dance Party" emote to break in the most amusing way. Instead of performing the dance, the Brazilian hero is now forced into the default A-pose. Lucio mains who have unlocked this rare Overwatch 2 emote are making the most of the glitch, adding to the usual pre-game antics.

The Charm of Seasonal Bugs

It's almost certain that every new season of Overwatch 2 will inadvertently introduce a few new bugs affecting various parts of the game. While these issues can sometimes be frustrating, occasionally, fans come across a bug so comical they hope it never gets fixed. Emote-related glitches are not new to Overwatch 2, but the ability to run around a map and A-pose on other players brings a unique and entertaining twist to the game.

The Bug in Action

Following the recent launch of Overwatch 2's eleventh season, players have encountered various issues. A popular clip shared online by a player known as PutoJooj highlights Lucio's broken emote. Although the cause of this specific emote's malfunction is unclear, Lucio's Dance Party emote now fails to play its animation, leaving Lucio's model stuck in an A-pose. The clip shows how this bug can be used for in-game laughs, with the fan surprising a Mei player during a pre-match Skirmish.


A Rare Emote Bug

Replicating the bug is as simple as pressing a button, but the defective emote is a particularly rare one. Originally available as an exclusive item in the first Overwatch and seldom available since, it is considered one of the rarest emotes in the game. Despite the fun of watching Lucio players skating around in an A-pose, it's likely only a matter of time before the bug is patched.

Blizzard's Response

Blizzard has a good track record of fixing bugs that appear with each new season. Players experiencing new issues since Season 11, such as the widespread performance problems affecting PlayStation 5 users, likely won't have to wait long for a fix. Season 11 of Overwatch 2 is packed with changes and new content, including tweaks to various tank heroes, another rework of Cassidy's infamous magnetic grenade, substantial adjustments to certain maps, and much more.

Overall, while the Lucio emote bug adds a layer of humor to the game, it is just one of many changes and fixes that players can expect as the season progresses.