Overwatch 2 Players Complain About Visibility Issues with New Kaiju Roadhog Skin

The latest season of Overwatch 2 introduced a new skin for the tank character Roadhog, but players are expressing concerns about it. Their complaints center on how the weapon skin associated with the new Roadhog skin negatively impacts gameplay, potentially putting them at a disadvantage in competitive matches.

In Overwatch 2, skins and cosmetic upgrades are essential to the game’s business model and a key way Blizzard keeps players engaged. Players not only compete and strive to master the various heroes but also aim to earn attractive character and weapon skins. These skins also expand the game’s universe by offering alternative appearances and histories for the characters, as seen in the recent Mirrorwatch game mode, which reimagines Overwatch characters in antagonist roles, and vice versa.

The latest skin, introduced in Season 11, named Super Mega Ultrawatch, is themed around Japanese-style "tokusatsu" hero shows and monster movies. The skin in question, called Kaiju Roadhog, features a weapon skin that is causing visibility issues for players.

Reddit user Leading-Drummer5401 highlighted the problem, noting that the Kaiju Roadhog weapon skin transforms Roadhog's Scrap Gun into a large, horned cannon resembling a kaiju's head and mouth. In first-person view, this weapon skin appears significantly larger than others, obscuring a substantial part of the player’s screen. This visual obstruction can hide enemies from Roadhog's view, creating a competitive disadvantage and acting as an unintended nerf, compounding other nerfs Roadhog received in Season 11.


The Overwatch 2 Reddit community largely agreed with the complaint, suggesting that players raise the issue on the game’s official forums to prompt Blizzard to address it. They noted that similar problems with oversized weapon skins have affected other characters in the past, such as Ana’s Overwatch Archives skin, a weapon skin for Ashe, and Tracer’s Mythic Adventurer skin.

Despite the complaints, many players praised the overall design of the Kaiju Roadhog skin, with some calling it the coolest skin of the season due to its complete transformation of Roadhog into a Godzilla-like monster.