Overwatch 2 Introduces "Community Crafted" Game Mode for Season 11

Overwatch 2 is set to debut "Community Crafted," a fresh Arcade game mode where hero adjustments are curated by a team of renowned content creators. Launching alongside Season 11 on June 20 and available until July 9, this mode promises a unique twist on gameplay dynamics.

Recently unveiled alongside Overwatch 2's seventh batch of seasonal content, the Super Mega Ultrawatch Battle Pass offers sentai and kaiju-themed cosmetics, introduces the new Runasapi Push map, and features a crossover with Transformers over the next two months.

Highlighting the upcoming season is "Community Crafted," a limited-time game mode designed by Overwatch 2 enthusiasts. Spearheaded by four prominent content creators, this mode introduces innovative hero changes. During a recent Developer Update, game director Aaron Keller teased exciting modifications such as Ana's super jump and Reaper's enhanced Wraith Form. Additionally, classic abilities like Orisa's Halt! and Hanzo's Scatter Arrows make a triumphant return. Players can dive into these modifications throughout Season 11, starting from its launch.

Key Features of Community Crafted in Overwatch 2 Season 11:

Each hero adjustment in Community Crafted is meticulously crafted by the assigned content creators, with Emongg overseeing tanks, Eskay focusing on supports, and Custa and TQQ specializing in projectile and hitscan DPS heroes respectively. This ensures a diverse and engaging experience tailored to Overwatch 2 fans.

Community Crafted isn't the only special game mode arriving in Overwatch 2 Season 11. On July 15, players can explore "Quick Play Hacked," allowing them to select unique passives based on their roles. Additionally, the beloved Summer Games event makes its return during Season 11. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting in-game activities as Season 11 kicks off on June 20.