Surprising Detail in Overwatch 2 Reveals Hidden Feature of Torbjorn's Turret

An Overwatch 2 fan recently uncovered a surprising detail about Torbjorn's turret: the level 3 version still changes its appearance when new skins are equipped. Despite level 3 turrets being retired long ago, players were caught off guard by this hidden feature.

When Overwatch 2 launched, many characters were reworked for the new 5v5 format, diverging from the original 6v6 setup. However, Torbjorn’s changes predate Overwatch 2, as he underwent significant adjustments back in 2018. His Overload ability became standard, and his Ultimate was transformed into a new version of Molten Core, which fills the battlefield with damaging pools of lava. Overload boosts Torbjorn’s health, attack damage, and speed, balancing his gameplay. Despite these updates, some players still miss the level 3 turret from his original kit. Interestingly, one player discovered a unique detail about this turret when using a recent Legendary skin.

Torbjorn’s Legendary Tentacle Horror Skin

Reddit user Wilftime recently shared a clip from Overwatch 2 Arcade, focusing on Torbjorn and his turret with the Legendary Tentacle Horror skin equipped. The video showcases Torbjorn using his classic Ultimate in a custom mode, turning the blue details of his appearance orange. The clip highlights how the turret changes as it reaches level 3, even though this mechanic is no longer officially part of the game. The level 2 turret matches the Cthulhu-themed skin with a central eyeball, but the upgrade adds height and wing-like fins above its gun barrels. Wilftime also spotlighted smaller details that Overload adds to the turret.


The Origin of the Tentacle Horror Skin

The Tentacle Horror skin was introduced in the Overwatch 2 Season 9 Battle Pass, unlockable at level 30. This Torbjorn skin isn’t the only Cthulhu-related cosmetic from the Battle Pass; the Mythic Moira Ancient Caller skin also follows the same theme. The attention to detail in matching the turret’s appearance to Torbjorn’s skin, despite level 3 turrets being a thing of the past, showcases Blizzard’s dedication to their art. Torbjorn isn’t the only character receiving such attention: Cassidy’s Ultimate dialogue changes with his Lifeguard skin, and Sombra’s Demon Hunter aesthetic has similar unique features.

Cosmetic Details and Player Choices

These unique skin details encourage players to grind for more cosmetics to see the changes they bring. This might influence which skin players choose, as they may prefer one turret’s appearance over another rather than focusing solely on Torbjorn’s look. As Blizzard continues to update Overwatch 2, future Torbjorn skins and turrets might receive the same level of detail, surprising players since this mechanic is no longer in the game.