Overwatch 2 Teases Potential Rework for Mauga's Abilities

Overwatch 2 hints at changes coming to Mauga's abilities, addressing ongoing balance concerns with the Samoan tank hero recently added to the roster. Since Mauga's debut in December last year, players have noted his significant strength as a tank, highlighting issues with game balancing that Overwatch 2 has faced.

Mauga quickly gained notoriety for his resilience and high damage output, coupled with self-healing abilities that disrupted gameplay balance. This imbalance led some Overwatch 2 players to protest and even quit the game. In response, Mauga has been subject to five updates this year alone, with Blizzard now contemplating major adjustments to his kit.

According to Lead Gameplay Designer Alec Dawson, in a conversation with Twitch streamer Spilo, Overwatch 2 is considering reworking Mauga's Cardiac Overdrive ability and his incendiary bullets. Dawson mentioned ongoing experiments to enhance Cardiac Overdrive's effectiveness and questioned the impact of Mauga's incendiary bullets on agile targets. The goal is to make Mauga more rewarding when confronting such heroes.


Mauga's Current Abilities and Balancing Challenges

Cardiac Overdrive currently grants Mauga and his team a 30% damage reduction and converts 60% of damage dealt to enemies into healing during its five-second duration. His primary weapon, the Incendiary Chaingun, fires 18 bullets per second with each hit potentially causing additional damage over three seconds.

While specific details on Mauga's rework remain undisclosed, adjustments to Cardiac Overdrive could position Mauga as a more dynamic diving tank, emphasizing defensive capabilities and mobility. However, enhancing Mauga's effectiveness against agile heroes risks upsetting the balance against tankier opponents. As Overwatch 2 continues to update, players eagerly anticipate Mauga's rework and its implications for the game's meta.