An Overwatch 2 Developer Reveals Mauga's Upcoming Balance Adjustments on December 19

Overwatch 2 enthusiasts can anticipate changes to the game's newest hero, Mauga, as confirmed by a developer slated for Tuesday, December 19. The Overwatch 2 developer team is focusing on refining Mauga's survivability and addressing concerns related to his left-click ability.

Mauga made his debut with the Season 8 update of Overwatch 2, coinciding with the return of the popular Misfits and Magic game mode. Since the release of Season 8, players have expressed numerous grievances about Mauga, citing his perceived overpowering abilities. In response to player feedback, a December 12 patch implemented a series of nerfs, reducing Mauga's damage, adjusting his left-click ability, and tweaking his ultimate ability. However, it appears that Overwatch 2 is set to roll back some of these changes for the latest tank hero.

Overwatch 2 developer Alec Dawson shared on Twitter that the team now has a clearer understanding of Mauga's role in the meta. On December 19, Mauga will see a buff to his survivability, likely affecting his passive ability that grants additional health during critical damage. Additionally, his left-click ability, the "incendiary chaingun," will be restored to its previous state, requiring only 10 shots to ignite enemies instead of the previously increased 15-shot requirement.


The December 19 update coincides with Overwatch 2's Winter Wonderland event, introducing five new Christmas-themed skins, a weapon charm, highlight intro, name card, and more. While Mauga's adjustments are highlighted, it remains uncertain if other balance changes will be included in this update.

Some Overwatch 2 fans have expressed concerns about Brigitte's struggle to find a solid place in the meta. The Season 8 update nerfed her damage output, leading to her becoming the least-picked support hero in Overwatch 2's competitive mode. Blizzard faces the challenge of balancing Brigitte's unique support attributes without making her overly dominant.

Season 8 also brought the Battle of the Beasts mode to Overwatch 2, introducing a competitive PvPvE format where players engage in battles to defeat the other team's AI-controlled Orisa for the first time in Overwatch history.