Doomfist's Hidden Banter: Unveiling the Rare Overwatch 2 Voice Line Sparks Excitement Among Players

A recent Overwatch 2 video has brought attention to an exceptionally rare voice line featuring Doomfist. Each hero in Overwatch 2 has unlockable voice lines, and when certain conditions are met, characters engage in banter with each other.

Similar to its predecessor, Overwatch 2 offers players a plethora of voice lines to express themselves on the battlefield. D.Va inquiring if she's playing on easy mode, Junkrat mimicking a clock's tick-tock, and various beeps and boops from Bastion are just a few examples. Beyond these customizable audio tracks, the characters can engage in intriguing dialogue, such as Zarya challenging Reinhardt to an arm wrestling match. While the Overwatch 2 community has highlighted many of these interactions, a player appears to have discovered a new banter instance.

Reddit user Calm-Key2837 recently shared a clip showcasing a unique interaction between Doomfist, a Tank hero in Overwatch 2, and Moira, a Support hero. To trigger this rare dialogue, Doomfist must complete three specific tasks. He informs Moira that they "must replicate this Nano Boost." Achieving this interaction requires having Ana, another Support hero, on the same team as Doomfist and Moira. Additionally, Doomfist needs to secure a multi-kill while being Nano Boosted by Ana, and Moira must be alive and in proximity to Doomfist during the multi-kill.


In Calm-Key2837's clip, the perspective shifts rapidly between Ana, Doomfist, and Moira. After eliminating a few enemies while pushing the payload, Ana Nano Boosts Doomfist. Subsequently, Doomfist targets Roadhog and goes after the enemy Ana with a charged Power Punch and Seismic Slam. The multi-kill is accomplished when Doomfist swiftly eliminates the enemy Kiriko with a powerful Power Punch. Although Moira is in the process of activating her Ultimate ability when Doomfist addresses her, neither Ana nor Moira responds. Following the defeat of most of the enemy team, Doomfist and Moira pursue Roadhog before the clip concludes.

Due to the complexity of the prerequisites for this dialogue, it is likely that only a few players have encountered it during gameplay. Given that a multi-kill is a crucial condition, those who have experienced it might have been too engrossed in the action to notice. Interestingly, despite being among the original heroes in Overwatch, it appears that this specific interaction is exclusive to Overwatch 2.