Unleashing Mayhem: Overwatch 2's Mauga Breaks the Mold with a Jaw-Dropping Kill Strategy!

Gamers have uncovered a unique approach to securing kills with Mauga's ultimate ability in Overwatch 2, one that might not be immediately apparent. While Mauga's Cage Fight is typically used to ensnare foes with a resilient tank boasting unlimited ammunition, a novel tactic has emerged, particularly effective in specific maps.

Overwatch 2 continues to diversify its hero roster, drawing inspiration from various cultures worldwide. Mauga, the first Pacific Islander hero in the franchise, made his debut in early December 2023 and has swiftly gained popularity. Beyond contributing to the game's diversity, Mauga stands out as an excellently designed tank, making him a favorite among players.

A Reddit user, arkLees, shared a highlight reel showcasing their inventive use of Mauga's Cage Fight in collaboration with a teammate playing Lifeweaver. In their gameplay clips, the cage is strategically placed on Lifeweaver's Petal Platform, hovering near a ledge and not yet activated to ascend. Once the cage entraps enemies, the Lifeweaver player removes the platform, causing the cage to plummet into the abyss. Since the trapped enemies are compelled to follow the cage, they meet a swift demise, even if positioned on a ledge. Meanwhile, Mauga skillfully avoids the fall by leaping or being pulled away from the cage.


While the Overwatch 2 community found this strategy amusing and gratifying to watch, some acknowledge its difficulty when solo-queueing in public matches. Executing the tactic successfully requires a dedicated Mauga-Lifeweaver team, making it a challenging feat for individual players. Additionally, if the strategy gains popularity, the meta is likely to adapt, and potential bugs in certain Overwatch maps may arise.

Whether players choose to experiment with this play or not, Mauga remains a strong pick for public games. Blizzard has actively promoted the character, further enhancing Mauga's capabilities in a recent Overwatch 2 patch to increase his viability in competitive play. As the hero gains popularity, players should anticipate increased competition to secure Mauga in public matches.