D.Va Devotion: Overwatch 2 Player Surpasses 20,000 Hours as MEKA's Ace Pilot, Princess Dva's Unrivaled Dedication Takes Gaming to New Heights!

A devoted Overwatch 2 enthusiast recently uncovered a player whose dedication to D.Va is beyond extraordinary, amassing over 20,000 hours of playtime as the MEKA pilot. This remarkable commitment solidifies them as one of D.Va's most passionate and committed followers.

D.Va, an original hero in the Overwatch lineup, commands a substantial fanbase, both within and outside the game. Known for her exceptional gaming skills and piloting prowess with the Korean MEKA squad, D.Va's Self-Destruct ultimate has become an iconic and powerful ability in Overwatch 2, resulting in numerous impressive plays over the course of the game's history.

The discovery of this dedicated player, aptly named Princess Dva, was shared by Overwatch 2 fan and Redditor OG256. Princess Dva boasts an astounding 20,000 hours of playtime as D.Va across all game modes in Quick Play. Notably, this commitment to D.Va eclipses any other Overwatch 2 hero, with Princess Dva having no more than 80 hours on any alternate hero. This unparalleled expertise makes Princess Dva's playtime total one of the most substantial in Overwatch history for a single hero.


Princess Dva’s Overwatch 2 Playtime Statistics Breakdown:

While some speculate that Princess Dva's time in the Game Browser may include periods of being AFK, given their 34,459 wins and extensive hours in custom games, admiration for their dedication remains high. Despite potential idle time, Princess Dva's achievement is undeniably impressive, particularly considering the exclusion of time spent between matches or on the Overwatch 2 main menu. Furthermore, their possession of the top 500 player icon for D.Va solidifies Princess Dva's undeniable skills, proving that their commitment to the Overwatch 2 hero is matched by unparalleled expertise.