Crafting Diversity: Overwatch 2 Fan Unveils Striking Aboriginal Australian Hero Concept for the Future of the Franchise

A dedicated Overwatch 2 enthusiast has crafted a compelling design for an Aboriginal Australian character, showcasing a concept that seamlessly aligns with Blizzard's commitment to enhance diversity within the franchise. This follows the introduction of Mauga, the game's inaugural Samoan hero, in December 2023.

Since its official launch in August 2023, Overwatch 2 has maintained its robust presence, boasting millions of active players monthly. Despite occasional challenges, the game's devoted fanbase and Blizzard's consistent delivery of fresh content have contributed to its enduring popularity.

Redditor Redmonoart shared their original creation of an Australian hero named Mani, belonging to the Aboriginal community. Although the specific role—tank, damage, or support—was not specified, Redmonoart intricately crafted Mani's backstory, depicting her upbringing as a refugee due to the aftermath of the Omnium explosion in her homeland. Motivated by the suffering she experienced, Mani aligned herself with the remnants of Overwatch.


The design presented by Redmonoart adeptly mirrors the established Overwatch style, showcasing a profound understanding of Blizzard's artistic approach. If materialized, Mani's inclusion would mark a positive stride in representing the diversity of Australia within the game. Presently, all three Australian characters are Caucasian, with the most recent addition being tank hero Junker Queen in 2022. The ongoing trend of introducing diverse ethnicities, exemplified by Mauga, reinforces the logical progression towards greater inclusivity.

While acknowledging that developing a new hero requires significant time and effort, the hope is that the Blizzard team may draw inspiration from this concept. However, any implementation of such a character would likely be months or even years away. In the interim, the development team remains committed to enhancing the Overwatch 2 experience. Plans include the potential for new heroes to be instantly playable on day one, mitigating concerns of an unfair advantage for those who can afford the latest additions promptly.

Blizzard is also contemplating a significant overhaul of the Overwatch 2 console experience, recognizing the preference for a keyboard and mouse among FPS players. Addressing this issue and navigating potential controversies, Overwatch players can anticipate exciting developments throughout 2024.