Unveiling Overwatch 2's Next Big Move: Battle for Anubis - A Spectacular Egyptian-Themed Event Set to Revolutionize Season 9!

Overwatch 2, much like other live service games, leverages limited-time events to engage players in its free-to-play experience. With events like Halloween Terror and Summer Games 2023, the hero shooter consistently introduces fresh content, keeping the player base excited. Now, with the inaugural Overwatch 2 event pass unveiled as part of Winter Wonderland, Blizzard seems poised to innovate further, possibly introducing a themed event during a specific timeframe in the coming year.

Overwatch 2 has already teased upcoming season themes, including a Mirror Universe, Eldritch Horror, and Egyptian Mythology, curated by Blizzard. While the Mirror Universe theme could emerge at any point in 2024, and Eldritch Horror seems ideal for Halloween, the Egyptian Mythology theme appears to align with Season 9 and the beginning of 2024. While speculative, such an approach could coincide with the timeframe once occupied by Battle for Olympus, paving the way for an Egyptian-centric event called Battle for Anubis.

Battle For Anubis: A Perfect Fit for Overwatch 2

Unveiling Overwatch 2's Next Big Move: Battle for Anubis - A Spectacular Egyptian-Themed Event Set to Revolutionize Season 9! 1

A potential Battle For Anubis mode could recapture the enchantment of Battle for Olympus, which offered a standout free-for-all experience—a departure from Overwatch's typical team-focused gameplay. The distinctive abilities associated with each playable "god" during Battle for Olympus, inspired by Greek Mythology, added an extra layer of excitement. Overwatch 2's Season 2 battle pass featured skins rooted in Greek Mythology, transforming heroes into gods within the event. For instance, Widowmaker assumed the guise of Medusa, freezing enemies with her gaze, while Zeus Junker Queen summoned lightning with her abilities.

With Overwatch 2 gearing up for an Egyptian-themed battle pass, it makes sense to repurpose these skins for a fresh take on the Battle for Olympus. By incorporating heroes with Egyptian mythology outfits into the mode, each could be endowed with unique abilities inspired by their corresponding deities or creatures from historical texts. This approach not only avoids the staleness of reusing Battle for Olympus but introduces a similar event with entirely new hero abilities, infusing novelty into the gameplay.

Battle For Anubis' Unique Reward System

As the suggested name implies, a distinct setting is crucial for this event mode, much like Ilios represented Olympus in the past. The Temple of Anubis, an existing 2CP map in Overwatch 2's arcade, offers a fitting sandy backdrop with ancient buildings—an ideal canvas for this proposed event. The map's two statues near the attacker entrance could be replaced for the event, much like the Ilios statue was swapped for Zeus Junker Queen after the Battle for Olympus. These statues, based on the winner of the Egyptian event, could add a touch of community engagement, providing a unique reward system for the Battle For Anubis.