Vorax Liberty announces roster for CBLOL 2022

Representatives of the Havan Liberty esports club said that their League of Legends roster was finally formed and announced for the first split of the Brazilian League for LoL, CBLOL Split 1 2022. Newcomers to the team and concurrently the final links were Thiago 'Kiari' Louise and Pedro 'Disamis' Goncalves in top lane and jungle positions.

Both players do not have very impressive experience, a large number of prize money earned and an extensive list of titles received during their performances on the professional stage, but they have one thing in common - now they are part of Vorax Liberty and are ready to conquer the Brazilian scene.

Thiago 'Kiari' Louise - $ 2,154

The young esportsman started his career as a professional League of Legends player in 2019 under the Wiser Esports tag. After playing there for a month, the player continued his career in Operation Kino and the period of stay in this team was the same. The longest relationship of his career was with Rensga Esports. He became part of this club in February 2020 and left the team on December 6 this year. After a fruitful cooperation lasting 1 year and 10 months, the player did not have a free agent status for long. Now he has to defend the honor of Vorax Liberty. By the way, in CBLOL Split 2 2021, together with Rengsa Esports, Kiari was able to take second place and receive a cash reward of $ 7,000 with the team. This result was noticed by the leadership of Vorax Liberty and it did not delay the implementation of the possibility of signing a promising player.

Pedro 'Disamis' Goncalves - $ 356

The amount of prize money earned by Goncalves in the professional arena of League of Legends is even tiny by the standards of this discipline. This can be attributed to the player's relatively little experience. In December last year, the Brazilian joined the academic staff of Havan Liberty, now called the Vorax Academy. Together with his teammates, Pedro was able to take 5-6 place in the CBLOL Academy Split 1 2021 and took the 3-4 line of the CBLOL Academy Split 2 2021 standings. Cash rewards for such achievements amounted to $ 624 and $ 1,157 per team, respectively. The management has raised the jungler of the team and now he has to conquer new heights, being already in the main composition of the Brazilian organization.

Marcos 'Krastyel' Enrique Ferraz, Pedro 'Matsukaze' Gama and Villan 'Wos' Bonpam remain in the team. Jungler Lucciano 'Drake' Paes and mid-lander Washington 'Washin' Wu left the team.

Vorax Liberty roster:

CBLOL Split 1 2022 is a Brazilian League with a prize pool of $ 71,800 +. Matches will begin on January 22nd. The group stage will be held in a circular pattern, where the matches will be played in the Bo1 format. The final stage will be held in a double-elimination bracket, and all playoff matches will be held in the Bo5 format. 10 teams will take part in the league. In addition to Vorax Liberty, the following clubs will fight for the title of the best team in Brazil and the main reward of ~ $ 17,950:

Flamengo Esports

FURIA Esports


KaBuM! Esports



paiN Gaming

RED Canids

Rensga Esports

Vorax liberty