Rogue signed Comp and Malrang

The European esports club spoke about the changes in the LoL roster. The team will now have two more esportsmen, thanks to which the roster will be fully staffed and ready to compete in the LoL European Championship.

Newcomers to the roster were the Greek Marcos 'Comp' Stamkopoulos and the Korean Kim 'Malrang' Geon-syon. In theory, they have enough experience to help their newly minted teammates rise to a new level, but whether this is actually so we will see at the end of LEC Spring 2022.

Marcos 'Comp' Stamkopoulos. Amount of prize money earned: $ 28,452

Marcos is a very experienced, albeit not the most successful, League of Legends player. His career began in August 2016 with the Greek Regenesis. Later he played in the ranks of Team LDLC and Team Vitality, after which he will now play in Rogue. He has repeatedly won first places in various LoL tournaments of various calibers. His most solid achievement is perhaps the victory at the LFL Summer 2019, where the team's reward was $ 16,737. Making a little more than $ 28,000 in 5 years is not the best indicator of a player's success in LoL. Probably, he will be more fortunate in the ranks of Rogue and in 2022 the esports player will reach a new level.

Kim 'Malrang' Geon-syon. Amount of prize money earned: $ 43,057

Although the Korean esportsman is on the professional LoL scene for 1 year less than his new teammate Comp, he managed to play in more famous clubs and earn $ 43,000. Kim Geon-shion's path began in January 2017 with the ranks of Ever8 Winners. He later joined the Royal Bandits and played in such groups as Team Winners, Jin Air Green Wings, KT Rolster, DAMWON Academy and even the main roster of DAMWON Gaming. Together with the latter, he managed to win the LCK Summer 2021 and earn $ 172,576 there along with an invitation to the 2021 World Championship. The esportsman did not participate in the World Championship itself. Playing with the 2020 World Champions (active at the time of playing at DAMWON Gaming) undoubtedly gave Kim Geon-shiyong the necessary skills, and therefore his invitation to Rogue was a very logical turn of events.

The Rogue League of Legends roster now looks like this:

Rogue's LEC Spring 2022 will take place from January 14 to April 10. The total prize pool for the tournament will be $ 225,833 (€ 200,000). It will be split up by 10 esports clubs, and the main reward will be $ 90,333 (€ 80,000). The group stage will be played in a double circular pattern, and all meetings will be held in the Bo1 format. The final stage will take place in a double-elimination bracket, and all matches will be played in a series of up to three wins.