Roster EDG for 2022

The esports organization EDward Gaming has announced its League of Legends roster at the LPL Spring Split 2022. The victorious roster remained in the collection, changes are possible.

EDG announced this to us on Twitter today. They said that the players under the banner of the "silver dragon" will go even further, for new records.


If you still remember Worlds 2021, then all the players you know are still there and are not going to go anywhere: Flandre, Jiejie, Scout, Viper and Meiko. And it is not surprising that with such a well-played team they managed to take the championship. Unlike most of the other eSports teams in the League, players stay long inside the EDG. Scout has been playing under the auspices of Edward for 5 years already, and Meiko has been doing so in general 6. The rest of the players have been in the team for quite a long time by the standards of the modern pro-scene, from 1 to 2 years.

The only "innovation" and "accent" of the new roster is Xiaoxiang, a replacement top laner and, apparently, a contender for Flandre's place in the foreseeable future. Xiaoxiang is a player from EDward Gaming Youth and has been a substitute in the main roster since 2020.

It is worth noting that EDward Gaming has 4 active substitutes in LoL, but it was Xiaoxiang who received special attention on a par with the main team. Hence the conclusions.

In the next matches, the EDG roster will look like this:

Li 'Flandre' Xuan-Jun - top.

Huang 'Xiaoxiang' Xiang - top.

Zhao 'Jiejie' Li-Jie - forest.

Lee 'Scout' Ye-chan - mid.

Park 'Viper' Do-hyeon is a bot.

Tian 'Meiko' Ye - support.