PaiN Gaming announces LoL roster for CBLOL 2022

The paiN Gaming management announced on their Twitter account and other mass media that the roster was ready for CBLOL Split 1 2022. Considering that there were 2 players in the team, 1 of whom left the roster, the changes can hardly be called very dramatic. From the previous sample of the League of Legends roster, only the Cariok jungler remains. He was joined by top lane player Wizer, mid lane player dyNquedo, bottom lane player Trigo and support Damage.

For Wizer, playing under the Brazilian club tag will not be new. He previously played with KaBuM! Esports. By the way, his teammate was dyNquedo there, and therefore it will be easier for the players to play again. As a reminder, within the framework of CBLOL 2019, the duo of players managed to break into the top 4 and stopped just a step away from reaching the final. Wizer played with KaBuM! Esports in 2021, but this year cannot be called successful for him and his team. In splits, the team finished their journey in sixth and seventh places, respectively.

DyNquedo is a valuable asset for paiN Gaming as he is considered one of the best mid lane players in Brazil. In 2018, he won the LoL league under the KaBuM tag! Esports. Then the team managed to win twice in the Brazilian splits in League of Legends. Moreover, KaBuM! performed at both the Mid-Season Invitational 2018 and the 2018 World Championship. Despite such a performance in 2018, dyNquedo's results later began to decline. However, in 2021, he was able to return to service again and became one of the most valuable players in LOUD. Unfortunately, this did not help the team perform well in 2021, as a result of which the roster is located on the fifth and sixth lines at CBLOL 2021.

Trigo and Damage played with Rengsa Esports and played in the last split of CBLOL. As part of CBLOL Split 2 2021, they showed an excellent performance and brought the team to the very finals. Being one step away from victory, they could not cope with the power of the RED Canids and were defeated by a score of 1-3. Their game did not go unnoticed, and at the first opportunity the paiN Gaming management decided that this duo should be in their new League of Legends roster.

Trigo played in various teams, but it was Rengsa Gaming who became the very team in which he was able to really ignite and show himself in the best light.

Damage is considered very promising, but so far he hasn't won a single CBLOL victory in his career. Perhaps it will be in paiN Gaming that everything will change for him.

The paiN Gaming LoL roster is as follows: