Cloud9 updated their Wild Rift roster

Information about the personnel changes made in the Wild Rift roster has appeared on Cloud9's Twitter account. The team will now feature eSports players such as Gabriel 'Oldskool' Villamarion and Zach 'Selmaw' Wang. They will replace the departed Evan 'Griff' Griffith and Kyrie 'Jxcki' Song. Oldskool will play the Dragon position and Selmaw will be the support.

Oldskool began his Wild Rift career on June 4th. Prior to joining Cloud9, Gabriel only played with Tribe Gaming NA. Together with his teammates, he managed to win the Summoner Series Finals 2021 and receive the main prize of $ 30,000 there. The team also made it to the Horizon Cup 2021, but failed to perform well there. The team took the 9-10th place out of 10 possible and earned $ 30,000. Oldskool has earned $ 18,850 over the course of his career and has won seven different events.

As for the second newcomer, Zach 'Selmaw' Wang, he has less of an impressive track record than Oldskool. He started playing on the professional stage on July 21st under the NME tag. Together with his teammates, he managed to win several events and take prizes in other championships. The best achievement of Zach Wang was the 3rd place at the Summoners Series Finals 2021, for which he received a reward of $ 10,000.

Cloud9's Wild Rift roster is as follows: