Astralis Talent bursts in with a new roster

Danish esports organization Astralis has announced who will be part of their own League of Legends academy in 2022. The young "talents" are Christian 'Taxer' Jensen, Chres 'Chers' Laursen, Lars 'Chrisberg' Christiansen and Daniel 'Wendel' Wendelbo. And the only one player left from the previous squad is Carl 'Carlsen' Carlsen.

Astralis talked about this on their twitter. In addition, the organization has also published an article on its website, where it introduces us to the players, their merits and expectations.

It is worth noting the fact that Astralis placed a special emphasis on their "all-Danish roster" in the twitters. Fortunately, they bothered to explain this moment in their article on the new composition, and the explanation looks quite reasonable.

“Collecting 5 Danes in one team is something extraordinary. This has several advantages in that we speak the same language, have the same culture and understand each other's way of thinking better than in mixed teams. We already have a certain compatibility that cannot be learned. "

Such a team really looks very good. Taxer shows extremely serious leadership qualities that will be able to lead the team, while Chers has vast experience in LEC, which will be invaluable. Chrisberg has a long career behind him and experience in the main lineups of many teams. And Wendel has always brought positive and positive mood to the team, not to mention quality play. Together with the youngest, but therefore no less ambitious Carlsen - Astralis Talent will be able to compete well in the European League.