Zzlegendary - EG Academy Trainer for 2022

The esports organization Evil Geniuses has hired the infamous Sebastien 'zzlegendary' Demontigny as a coach for its academic staff.

The organization announced this on its twitter. They posted a post with the news about the new coach, who received huge support in the social network, despite the fact that Sebastien is not a well-known media personality.

So who is this zzlegendary anyway? And the answer lies on the surface - he is literally a coach, one might even say that he is a teacher in the field of eSports. The Canadian previously taught at AcademieEsports, a leading academy in e-sports education in Quebec and other provinces in Canada. Later he began to train the "juniors" inside Cloud9, where he remained until December 14.

It's no secret that for most esports organizations to have their own academy is at least prestigious, not to mention the obvious advantages for the main team. And EG is known to be one of the oldest gaming and esports organizations in America, with a history dating back to Quake. So such a good and thoughtful work on their academic staff on their part did not come as a surprise to anyone.

Well, we have yet to evaluate the contribution of zzlegendary to the skills of the young guys from EG. But, I want to note that here the organization followed an unusual model, which can give positive results. Usually just good ladder players or analysts are hired for the role of coaches. And zzlegendary has a clear plus in the form of pedagogical experience. Perhaps this is the approach that the team needs.