Sentinels left without a head coach

Rawkus has officially announced his resignation as head coach of the Sentinels. The 27-year-old American specialist added that he had not worked with the team for the past two weeks.

As the title suggests, I no longer train the Sentinels. After returning to FaZe, we flew out of the LCQ, and after 2 days I got the opportunity to train Sentinels within the Champions, and I immediately accepted this offer, without hesitation and without looking for other opportunities. Because it was so sudden, the Sentinels put me on loan and my contract expired on January 1st. Last month, the Sentinels were in talks with FaZe, hoping that I would become the team's coach on a full-time basis, but unfortunately, a deal between both parties could not be made due to difficulties with the buyout.

Under the contract, I have to return to FaZe, but neither side has any intention of working together again. I have now returned to FaZe but as a substitute player. I feel like I've only gotten better since I took a break, the opportunity to change the environment and watch them play has made me see the game from a whole new perspective and I'm very happy to be back.

Recall that Rawkus played for FaZe Clan from August 2020 to March 2021. After that, the 27-year-old American player left the team's starting lineup to accept an offer to lead the Sentinels in the fall. As a coach, Rawkus failed to take the team to the playoffs of VALORANT Champions 2021, taking 9-12th place in the tournament.

The FaZe Clan roster is currently as follows:

From now on, the composition of the Sentinels is as follows: