Marvel Meets Overwatch 2: Fan's X-Men Crossover Concept Sparks Excitement for Potential Skins

An Overwatch 2 enthusiast has unveiled a striking concept for a crossover featuring X-Men themed cosmetics. With the resurgence of the X-Men through the launch of X-Men '97, this idea spotlights the exciting possibilities of integrating these iconic characters into the game.

X-Men '97 premiered its first two episodes recently, continuing to release new episodes weekly. The show, while bearing a resemblance to the classic Marvel animated series, introduces its own unique narrative twists. Despite receiving a mix of reviews, it has managed to captivate Marvel aficionados, with many eagerly tuning in for each new installment. As the series attracts a new generation of fans, the gaming community is exploring ways to bring the X-Men into the realm of live service games. While some X-Men characters have made their way into Fortnite, other popular titles like Call of Duty and Apex Legends have yet to explore such collaborations. A creative Overwatch 2 player has proposed how select X-Men characters could be represented in the popular hero shooter.

Reddit user Cobanat recently shared a collection of 13 concept images for an X-Men and Overwatch 2 collaboration, focusing solely on character skins. Each concept pairs an X-Men character with an Overwatch hero, drawing on aesthetic similarities and, in some instances, deeper connections based on their abilities and powers. The proposed lineup includes not just X-Men heroes but also two notorious villains.


Desired X-Men Skins for Overwatch 2:

The proposed matchups include Cyclops with Soldier 76, Bishop with Baptiste, and Jean Grey with Mercy, among others, based on the Overwatch heroes' abilities that mirror those of their X-Men counterparts. For example, Cyclops and Soldier 76 share visor-based abilities, while Beast's agility is comparable to Winston's leaps, and Morph's shape-shifting echoes Echo's duplicative capabilities.

Given Overwatch 2's history of including crossovers, such as Cowboy Bebop and One Punch Man, the addition of X-Men to its universe seems within the realm of possibility. With the first season of X-Men '97 wrapping up in May, the timing could be perfect for introducing these Marvel-inspired skins, potentially through Shop purchases, a Marvel-themed Battle Pass, or a special progression track.