Overwatch 2's Beat Revolution: Fan Proposes Mythic Lucio Skin with Customizable Tracks

A creative Overwatch 2 enthusiast has put forward a concept for a Mythic skin for Lucio that would introduce a customizable music feature for the hero. Since Overwatch's inception, Blizzard has unveiled a plethora of character skins for its hero shooter. However, Overwatch 2 marks the introduction of the Mythic skin tier, which offers unparalleled customization and aligns with the seasonal theme of the game.

Introduced alongside Overwatch 2's inaugural battle pass, the Mythic tier stands out for its extensive customization capabilities. Players eager to access the full array of customization for these skins must progress through the battle pass, with complete customization unlocked at the final tier. To date, nine Overwatch 2 heroes have been graced with Mythic skins, featuring elaborate designs for characters such as Genji, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Sigma, Tracer, Ana, Hanzo, Orisa, and, most recently, Moira.

Reddit's roqueofspades suggested a Mythic skin for Lucio that would allow players to personalize the music he plays. This concept draws inspiration from Overwatch 2's existing Jazzy Lucio skin, which transforms Lucio into a jazz musician and modifies his tunes to reflect a classic jazz vibe. The proposal underscores a longing for "real customization options" in Blizzard's game, indicating a desire for deeper personalization within the Overwatch 2 experience.


The Role of Music in Lucio's Overwatch 2 Skins

Lucio, a support hero hailing from the original Overwatch roster, harnesses music's power for healing and boosting his allies' speed. His backstory as a musician and social influencer has led to the creation of various music-themed skins, such as Disco, Bard, and Equalizer. Despite this variety and the introduction of Legendary skins, Lucio has not yet been awarded a Mythic skin.

Following mixed feedback from the community, Overwatch 2 has announced adjustments to the Mythic skins, indicating a more flexible approach to customization options and the introduction of a mechanism for obtaining past Mythic skins through a dedicated in-game shop. With Overwatch 2's commitment to continuous evolution and its tradition of crafting inventive skins, it remains to be seen which characters will be next to receive Mythic skins in future updates.