Relive the Glory: Fan-Created Overwatch 2 Mode Brings Back Classic 6v6 Battles!

Overwatch 2 enthusiasts have crafted an innovative custom game mode, reviving the classic 6v6 gameplay of Overwatch 1 within the sequel's framework. This new mode, hailed as the most genuine way to relive the 6v6 experience in Overwatch 2, is a fan-made homage that meticulously brings over key elements from the original Overwatch's last version.

Amidst the initial turbulence surrounding Overwatch 2's launch, Blizzard's ongoing updates have played a crucial role in maintaining and expanding the game's community. With the commencement of Season 10 on April 16, players can look forward to comprehensive balance tweaks, the introduction of the new Hero Venture, and refined battle pass progression mechanisms. Venture, along with her abilities, will be accessible to all players, irrespective of their battle pass purchase decision, addressing some players' yearning for the official reintroduction of 6v6 matches.

A Reddit user, ecksdeetsafrepus, revealed the "Overwatch 1 Emulator," a workshop mode enabling 6v6 play within Overwatch 2. Leveraging workshop scripts, ecksdeetsafrepus has effectively recreated the Overwatch 1 gameplay dynamics, ensuring hero statistics such as HP, cooldown durations, and damage outputs mirror those from the pre-Overwatch 2 era, with data verified through the Wayback Machine's archives of the Overwatch Wiki. Moreover, the mode incorporates a matchmaking rating (MMR) system to promote balanced and fair play.


In this unique game mode, while original Overwatch heroes are utilized, an "Overwatch 1++" extension allows for the inclusion of Overwatch 2 heroes, albeit with the caveat that passive abilities for support and tank characters are disabled. Some visual and ability nuances are absent due to workshop constraints, notable by the lack of animations for certain moves like Doomfist's Rising Uppercut.

Continuous updates are planned to refine the 6v6 workshop mode. Players eager to dive into this nostalgic gameplay can also join a dedicated Discord server for the Overwatch 1 Emulator, hosting over 1,000 members for community play. The server offers ranked and unranked sessions based on an in-house MMR framework. Furthermore, ecksdeetsafrepus plans to roll out an experimental patch in early April, replicating the 2021 Overwatch April Fools event for enjoyment within Overwatch 2, with weekly gaming sessions scheduled for Saturdays at 3:00 p.m. PDT.