Overwatch 2's April Fools Update Brings Laughter and Mayhem: Googly Eyes, 'Smallga', and More!

Overwatch enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation for the annual April Fools Update, and this year's edition brings a slew of comedic twists to Overwatch 2. Known for its tradition of adding googly eyes and hilarious voice lines, it's the alterations to character abilities that truly capture the fans' attention.

As Blizzard Entertainment gears up to launch Season 10 of Overwatch 2, which promises significant changes including the introduction of a new hero named Venture and the elimination of battle pass constraints, they've also rolled out an amusing prelude of wacky modifications to the game.

This year, Blizzard has spiced up the game with an intriguing new mode that greets players with a "Placeholder Text" tab in the main menu, leading them to the reimagined Arcade mode titled Balanced Overwatch. Among the return of quirky voice lines and googly eyes, it's the imaginative tweaks to hero abilities that have the community buzzing with excitement.


One of the most talked-about changes involves Mauga, who has been humorously downscaled to "Smallga," featuring a mere 25 health and his size reduced by 50%. Ana's Sleep Dart now hilariously mimics the floating cheat from Die Hard, complete with added fall damage for an extra twist.

Moira's Biotic Grasp has seen a swap in the functions of her primary and secondary fire, while Mercy undergoes the most radical transformation. Her Caduceus Blaster has been removed, and the Caduceus Staff now shoots Blaster projectiles, with automatic projectile reloading and speed increases during healing or firing delays.

The community is already speculating which of these playful changes they'd like to see become permanent features, with many advocating for the adjustments to Pharah's Jet Land and Illari's buffs for a more balanced gameplay. Meanwhile, the temporary modification to Brigitte's Shield Bash—long requested by the community—stands out as the developers' cleverest jest, even as some purists express their dissatisfaction with the changes. Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of players are eager to dive into the chaos and fun of Overwatch 2's latest game mode.