Overwatch 2 Season 10 Teases Wrecking Ball Rework & Welcomes Venture, the Game's First Non-Binary Hero!

Overwatch 2 has announced an upcoming rework for the Tank hero Wrecking Ball in Season 10, promising changes that will adjust his gameplay after Season 9 concludes in early April.

As Season 9 progresses, a significant midseason update is slated for March 12, aimed at revising nearly half of the Overwatch 2 roster. These adjustments are primarily rebalances, reacting to the major modifications made to health and projectiles at the season's start. However, Wrecking Ball will not see changes in this update. According to Aaron Keller, Overwatch 2's game director, in a recent Director’s Take blog post, a "small rework" is in store for Wrecking Ball in Season 10, set to start around April 7. The specifics of the rework remain under wraps, but fans can anticipate enhancements to the dynamic Tank hero's abilities, ensuring a refreshed gameplay experience.

Upcoming Rework for Wrecking Ball in Season 10

Overwatch 2 Season 10 Teases Wrecking Ball Rework & Welcomes Venture, the Game's First Non-Binary Hero! 1

Scheduled for April 7, the rework aims to refine Wrecking Ball's gameplay in Overwatch 2 Season 10. Known for his complex playstyle, Wrecking Ball stands out as one of the more challenging heroes to master due to his significant mobility and the high learning curve. His unique approach has made integrating him into Quick Play teams challenging, prompting considerations for a rework. With the update approaching, Overwatch 2 developers hint at adjustments to enhance Wrecking Ball's solo tank capabilities, reflecting the transition from Overwatch 1's six-person teams to the current format.

Season 10 is not just about reworking existing heroes; it also introduces Venture, a new character and Overwatch 2's first non-binary hero. Venture, a subterranean explorer, will be joining the roster at the season's outset, expanding the game's diverse cast. Further details about Venture's abilities and backstory will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks, adding to the anticipation for the new season.