Unveiling Overwatch 2's Blinkless Queen: The Quirky Discovery That Sets Junker Queen Apart!

While practicing in the training range of Overwatch 2, a vigilant player observed an intriguing detail – the absence of a blinking animation for the Junker Queen, making her unique in this aspect. The roster of playable characters in Overwatch 2 continues to grow with seasonal updates, introducing new heroes like the tank Mauga. Starting with the original game's base roster, Overwatch 2 introduced several new characters, including the Junker Queen, a tank-class character that swiftly gained popularity among players.

Blizzard expanded the training features in Overwatch 2, offering a revamped training area for players to enhance their skills before entering online matches. Among these additions, the practice range allowed players to refine their abilities against training bots, experiment with ultimate abilities, and explore different parts of the map, including a firing range. Additionally, players could summon a practice buddy, a character selector enabling them to choose from the available heroes. During experimentation with this feature, an Overwatch 2 player stumbled upon an intriguing detail specific to the Junker Queen.

Overwatch 2's Junker Queen Does Not Blink

In a recent post on the Overwatch subreddit, a user named LiliacRosee shared an unusual observation about the Junker Queen, noticed while observing all character idle animations. In a short video clip, it becomes apparent that the Junker Queen, apart from some Omnic characters, does not blink at all. The clip demonstrates that when using the Overwatch 2 Practice Range practice buddy feature, the Junker Queen maintains an unbroken gaze, whether stationary or engaged in idle animations, without ever blinking.


This discovery sparked a wave of humor in the comments, with some suggesting that the lack of blinking suits her character and the other Junkertown residents like Roadhog and Junkrat. Some playful remarks suggested that her black makeup might be covering eye bags, while her red eyes could be attributed to extreme dryness from never blinking.

Although this minor detail may seem peculiar, it is not the first eccentric element associated with the Junker Queen uncovered by the Overwatch 2 community. Several months after the game's initial release, fans observed that the metallic kneepad on the Junker Queen resembled Zenyatta's face. The three dots on the Omnic foreheads and two slits for eyes were unmistakable, although the scratched "X" mark raised speculation about whether it was intentionally added by the Junker Queen.