Unleashing the Unrealized: Overwatch 2 PvE Dreams Resurrected Through Stunning UI Concepts

A skilled Overwatch 2 enthusiast has brought to life UI concepts for a comprehensive PvE mode that unfortunately never materialized. Despite having popular modes like Quick Play and Competitive Play, Overwatch 2 was initially intended to feature a complete PvE experience.

For those Overwatch 2 players looking to take a break from competitive modes, the Arcade provides a variety of rotating modes, including special ones during seasonal and limited-time events. The anticipation was high when Blizzard unveiled the PvE mode at BlizzCon 2019, but to the disappointment of many, the idea was eventually scrapped. Last year, Blizzard shocked players by canceling Overwatch 2's PvE mode. Now, a dedicated Overwatch 2 fan, Reddit user roastedtuna, has crafted an impressive project envisioning the revived PvE feature.


Roastedtuna's UI concepts showcase the potential PvE mode for Overwatch 2. The first screen displays a shop featuring skin options for Tracer and weapons available for purchase and customization for Mei, Reinhardt, Tracer, and Zarya. The following screen depicts Tracer navigating the King's Row map with a list of objectives in the right-hand corner. The third screen reveals the character selection, complete with details like artifacts, an image of the chosen hero, and their talents and skills. The final screen shares a list of missions, one of which outlines the objectives and potential rewards.

The Overwatch community on Reddit lauded the OP's design, expressing admiration for the creativity. Many couldn't help but recall the disappointment surrounding the cancellation of PvE, a decision that has been heavily criticized in the game's history. One comment specifically mourned the missed opportunity for the game to include skill trees, one of the discarded features from Overwatch 2's PvE. The PvE mode, eagerly anticipated by the Overwatch 2 community, was seen as a step toward making Blizzard's game resemble the abandoned MMO Project Titan.

Executive Producer Jared Neuss explained that the cancellation of PvE was a strategic shift, deeming the original idea "not realistic." In its absence, players were presented with the controversial release of Overwatch 2 PvE missions behind a paywall. Now, Overwatch 2 players can only hope that Blizzard reconsiders its decision, while fan art like roastedtuna's offers a glimpse into what the PvE experience could have been.