A Player Faces an Unprecedented 3.5-Year Ban from Overwatch 2's Quick Play Mode

An Overwatch 2 enthusiast, known by the handle "Viewer," claims to have received a staggering ban from Quick Play lasting over three and a half years. If this ban holds, Viewer won't be able to participate in the casual game mode until late September 2027.

Viewer, recognized as both a player and critic, has gained notoriety for their controversial opinions and sharp critiques of Overwatch 2. Despite not being a professional player or content creator, Viewer commands a substantial following of over 12,600 fans on Twitter alone.

On February 6, Viewer shared an image displaying a ban notification on their Overwatch 2 client, indicating a 1326-day suspension from Quick Play. Unless the ban is overturned, this means Viewer will be barred from accessing Quick Play, including Deathmatch and special events like Overwatch 2's Quick Play: Hacked, until September 24, 2027 – a duration exceeding three and a half years.


While the exact reason for this extensive Quick Play ban remains undisclosed by Viewer, it appears not to impact their ability to engage in Competitive play, which is undergoing a significant overhaul in Overwatch 2: Season 9. There is a possibility that the presented image is manipulated, and the Quick Play ban might be shorter or nonexistent. Regardless, with nearly 200 comments, 600 reposts, and 10,000 likes, it's evident that Viewer's fellow fans found amusement in the suspension.

If the ban is indeed authentic and Overwatch 2 continues to release new seasons and heroes at its current pace, the game landscape will undergo significant changes during the suspension period. By September 2027, over 40 months will have elapsed, potentially placing Overwatch 2 in Season 30 or 31. Additionally, around 11 new heroes may have been introduced, rendering characters like Venture, Space Ranger, and the unnamed Overwatch 2 tank hero as old news.

Although a ban exceeding three years may seem drastic, it aligns with Blizzard's past actions. In recent months, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone each enforced substantial bans, with around 200,000 accounts collectively penalized for activities such as botting. Overwatch 2 players are reminded to be cautious with their in-game conduct, avoiding early match exits and mindful interactions, to prevent finding themselves facing a ban.