Score the Ultimate Overwatch 2 Cybermonk Zenyatta Skin for Free: Twitch Drop Delivers Exclusive Legendary Cosmetics!

Overwatch 2 enthusiasts can snag the exclusive Cybermonk Zenyatta skin for free through a Twitch Drop promotion. By tuning into 12 hours of Overwatch 2 content on Twitch, players can secure this Legendary skin, initially part of the sequel's first-season shop bundle, along with accompanying cosmetics.

Season 9, known as Champions, recently kicked off in Overwatch 2, introducing significant changes to the FPS experience. This major update tweaked the health of all heroes, introduced a healing passive for all roles, and adjusted projectile size, speed, and hitboxes across the board.

To commemorate the groundbreaking Season 9 update, Overwatch 2 has launched a Twitch Drop campaign, offering a Legendary shop skin from the early days of the game. By watching 12 hours of Overwatch 2 content on Twitch after linking their accounts, players can claim the Cybermonk Zenyatta skin, along with the Name Card, Voice Line, and Weapon Charm originally featured in the skin's shop bundle. The promotion runs until February 19, allowing fans to enhance their Overwatch 2 collections with these exclusive cosmetics.

Unlock the OW2 Cybermonk Zenyatta Bundle for Free on Twitch by following these steps:

Score the Ultimate Overwatch 2 Cybermonk Zenyatta Skin for Free: Twitch Drop Delivers Exclusive Legendary Cosmetics! 1
  1. Link your account to Twitch.
  2. Watch Overwatch 2 streams on Twitch from now until February 19 to earn the following rewards:

Originally introduced as a cash shop skin in October 2022 during Overwatch 2's inaugural cyberpunk-themed Season 1, Cybermonk Zenyatta was part of a bundle priced at 2200 Overwatch coins or $22. In December 2023, it became available for individual purchase in the Hero Gallery at the standard price of 1900 coins or $19.

This Twitch Drop promotion adds Cybermonk Zenyatta to the list of free shop skins, joining the likes of Epic Rosewood Moira and Owl Guardian Mercy (Prime Gaming rewards) and Blue Steel Baptiste and Captain Torbjorn (Twitch Drops). Notably, Owl Guardian Mercy even provided refunds for players who had recently purchased the skin before its free giveaway.

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 promises an array of exciting skins for players, with the Battle Pass refresh featuring eldritch horror cosmetics, including the highly customizable Ancient Caller Moira Mythic skin. Additionally, a crossover event with Cowboy Bebop will introduce themed skins, offering players a diverse range of collectibles during the latest season.