Overwatch 2 Contemplates the Return of Orisa's Halt Ability: Developers Express Interest in Reimagining the Fan-Favorite Skill

In a recent development update, Overwatch 2 may reintroduce Orisa's Halt ability in a new iteration. While the specific form in which the ability might resurface remains uncertain, the unanimous enthusiasm of the Overwatch 2 development team towards the skill suggests a potential experimentation for its return.

Upon the initial release of Overwatch 2, numerous heroes underwent substantial transformations from their Overwatch 1 counterparts. Icons like Doomfist and Bastion experienced noteworthy adjustments, and Orisa, in particular, saw a complete overhaul of almost all her abilities. One such ability, named Halt!, previously her alternate fire, unleashed a graviton charge pulling enemies towards the center and decelerating them upon detonation.

Lead hero designer Alec Dawson disclosed during the Overwatch 2 Creator Summit that the team holds an affinity for Halt! and expressed their interest in exploring its reintroduction. The difficulty of crafting two-stage abilities was acknowledged by Dawson, stating, "We thought actually did a pretty good job at it!" While no concrete plans are in motion for Overwatch 2 at the moment, players may anticipate the potential return of Halt! in the future.

Overwatch 2 Contemplates Reincorporating Orisa's Iconic Halt Ability


The Halt! ability was well-received during Orisa's initial deployment, generating positive feedback from the player community. Dawson's revelation has garnered favorable responses, with players expressing their nostalgia for the original Orisa. Although Halt! is unlikely to make a direct return to Orisa's kit, given her revamped role as a more engaging frontline hero in Overwatch 2, fans are hopeful to witness the distinctive ability reimagined in some capacity down the line.

The desire for the revival of old abilities extends beyond Orisa's toolkit, with players expressing interest in the return of Doomfist's Rising Uppercut from his DPS days, as well as Symmetra's Photon Barrier and Photon Shield. Notably, there is a mixed sentiment regarding the potential resurgence of divisive skills like Cassidy's Flashbang. While Overwatch 2 is exploring a rework for Cassidy, fans are cautioned not to set high expectations for the return of his controversial stun grenade.

During the Overwatch 2 Creator Summit, additional updates were disclosed. A forthcoming patch on February 21 will bring buffs to Junkrat and Illari, nerfs to Zenyatta, and adjustments for D.Va, Roadhog, Zarya, Tracer, Hanzo, Lucio, and Mercy, with plans for Widowmaker changes in the pipeline. The developers expressed contentment with Overwatch 2's health and projectile changes, with minor numerical tweaks anticipated. As the Overwatch 2 Creator Summit continues, fans are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates.