Revolutionizing Overwatch 2: Season 9 Leaks Unveil Game-Changing Hero Adjustments and Epic Battle Overhauls!

The alleged leak of Season 9 patch notes for Overwatch 2 is causing quite a stir, hinting at substantial modifications to the popular hero shooter. Fans have been anticipating balance tweaks for Overwatch 2, and if the leaked information holds true, the upcoming season promises significant alterations.

The center of attention in the leak is Overwatch 2's latest hero, Mauga, whose reported overpowered abilities have led some players to abandon the game altogether. While Mauga is currently seen as a major contributor to unbalanced gameplay, the Overwatch 2 community has long been advocating for substantial changes. Fortunately, the leaked patch notes, disclosed by Overwatch 2 pro Rupal during a live stream, seem to address these concerns.

The rumored changes include across-the-board health buffs and increased projectile radius for multiple characters, with even Mauga slated for a health boost. This aligns with an earlier leak regarding Tracer's health increase in Season 9. Additionally, ultimates' costs are set to rise by 10%, and damage dealt will now reduce healing. Furthermore, there will be no reload speed bonuses following eliminations.


In essence, Overwatch 2 heroes are poised to become more resilient on the battlefield. DPS heroes will receive fewer bonuses, while all characters will see a roughly 15% to 20% increase in health. The heightened ultimate costs aim to reduce the frequency of these powerful attacks.

It's essential to approach these leaks with caution until officially confirmed by the Overwatch 2 team, as they are subject to change. Nevertheless, the leaked details align with earlier reports indicating significant tank and damage changes in Season 9. Regardless of the final adjustments, Season 9 is anticipated to bring about substantial transformations.

Overwatch 2's game director, Aaron Keller, has taken to social media to discuss some upcoming tweaks in the next season. Among them is the introduction of a self-healing passive for all roles. While initial reactions from the community were mixed, Keller clarified that this change is part of a larger overhaul planned for Season 9, aligning with the information leaked earlier.