Blossoming Brilliance: Meet Eden, the Botany-Themed Support Hero Concept Shaking Up Overwatch 2's Meta with a Unique and Imaginative Kit!

One Overwatch 2 fan has taken creativity to new heights with their concept for a botany-themed support hero named Eden. In the realm of fan-made hero concepts, this one stands out for its detailed and realistic moveset that could easily be envisioned as an addition to Overwatch 2.

Overwatch's strength as a franchise lies in its diverse cast, with 39 distinct characters offering a wide array of gameplay styles and contributing to the rich lore of the game. Fans, inspired by this, often craft their own hero concepts, envisioning original characters that seamlessly fit into the Overwatch world. Recently, Reddit user Gardenghi16 shared their concept for the support hero Eden, complete with a stunning design by artist DG Mun that perfectly aligns with Overwatch's aesthetic.


Eden's abilities, as outlined by Gardenghi16, revolve around healing allies and empowering them with plant-based abilities:

  1. Fertilizer Applicator (Primary Fire): Fires a short-range fertilizer spray, damaging enemies and granting allies temporary Overhealth every 15 seconds.
  2. Goodberry (Secondary Fire): Throws a fruit that restores a large portion of an ally's health and provides additional health over time.
  3. Fertile Soil (E): Creates a plant-filled area that heals allies within its range while damaging enemies and reducing their healing.
  4. Photosynthesis (Left Shift): Engulfs Eden in a leafy whirlwind, reducing damage, increasing movement speed, and removing negative effects.
  5. Forbidden Fruit (Ultimate): Throws a fruit to an ally, fully charging their Ultimate ability, restoring health to nearby teammates, and removing most negative effects.
  6. Green Thumb (Passive): Enhances healing abilities, restoring 20% more health for allies with critical HP.

Eden's origin story adds depth to the character, casting her as the daughter of one of Oasis's founders with a natural affinity for science and a passion for botany. Joining Overwatch, she pursued agricultural research at an Ecopoint facility in the Amazon, rejoining the organization after its reformation in Overwatch 2.

While the fan response to Eden has been overwhelmingly positive, with praise for both her kit and backstory, some have raised concerns about her potentially overpowered support capabilities. If officially introduced into the game, Blizzard might need to tweak her abilities to maintain balance, similar to adjustments made to previous support hero Illari in Overwatch 2.